Don’t hesitate on roundabouts

Samadullah Noorajan | Driving Instructor, Santana Driving School, Abu Dhabi

Samadullah Abu DhabiI have seen that students often hesitate at roundabouts about whether they should go ahead or stop. Just remember that at a roundabout, your car’s speed should be around 30-40kph. You must look at the centre mirror while entering and exiting the roundabout. Take utmost care to maintain the lane and always indicate. Exit the roundabout from the lane you entered.

Practise patience and concentration

Tamer Hosny Kassem | Senior Trainer, Emirates Driving Company, Abu Dhabi

Tamer Abu DhabiPatience and concentration will help a candidate complete their practical training and gain the proper knowledge on time as per the schedule. Your haste to get a license can affect the road test results due to the lack of knowledge on issues such as using indicators, looking at blind spots and following the steps
of the overtaking process.

Unlearn what you’ve learned back home

Khalid Mahmood | Supervisor, Arabian Driving School, Ajman

Khalid Ajman

If you’ve driven in your country of origin, it’s time to forget all those rules applicable back home. Learn and follow the rules of the UAE, taught by
your instructors. It is a critical step to get the license faster. Also, apply for a parking test only when you’re ready to perform both the reverse and garage parking within five minutes.

Get maximum training

Rafakat Ali | Instructor and Owner, Al Kharan Motor Driving school, Ras Al Khaimah

Rafakat RAK

In my 13 years of experience, I have observed that students don’t use the indicators and mirrors correctly, making mistakes in changing lanes and at roundabouts during their road tests. In the UAE, you have to follow all the rules and regulations. Therefore, students should take the maximum number of classes till they become confident of all the rules before appearing for the final test.

Get thorough with the theory

Hany Mohammad | Driving Instructor, Fujairah National Driving Institute, Fujairah

Hani FujairahLack of concentration increases the number of mistakes while driving, and poor observation results in a delay in decision-making. Moving slowly or not as per the road speed limit or condition, or not checking the blind spot while changing the lane or blindly parking in a prohibited area in front of the exit or entrance just to fulfil examiners’ commands are common areas of failure. Also, fear and nervousness during the test is a significant reason for failure that the examiner spots easily. Study the training manual provided to you by the driving institute at the time of registration. Once you learn the theory well, it becomes easier to apply it in practical driving.