1. Wash my make-up brushes:

This chore is the bane of my existence and I’ve exhausted all the Google searches for “quickest way to clean brushes”. There is no magically quick way to do it, but it’s a relatively easy task that I am often to lazy to do. This year, I have to commit to cleaning my face and eye brushes more consistently because I can’t afford to let it affect my skin. The best way to do wash brushes is to use warm soapy water and a brush cleaning mitt with grooves that act as a rough surface to give them a really deep clean.

2. Experiment and have fun more:

My current favourite eye make-up trend is using unexpected colours for an inner corner highlight — bright teals, shocking reds and acid greens. Paired with a neutral eyeshadow it adds something exciting to the face without being too over the top. That’s the kind of vibe I’m going for in 2019 — fun and playful, without using too much make-up or being too strict about technique.

3. Get more facials:

I’m not one to advocate everyone go out and get facials all the time, especially if they are in lieu of a regular skincare routine; they’re expensive, only truly work when administered regularly and can be done wrong. But when done right, facials are relaxing, uplifting for the face and address skin issues that everyday skincare products might not be able to fix. More than anything, it’s a treat for the skin in a way a massage is a treat for the senses and the body.

4. Moisturise parts other than my face:

I am very diligent about my skincare routine and if I could channel that energy into the rest of my life I would probably be very wealthy and successful. Since that’s not happening anytime soon, I’m going to try for another goal; being less ashy and scaly. I’m the absolute worst at moisturising my body and it’s a problem that I’ve tried to fix with in-shower moisturisers, bath oils and spray-on lotion. None of these work as well as good old cream from a tub/bottle. First I need to get over my hatred of the feeling of lotion on the skin (said in the voice of Buffalo Bill from ‘The Silence of the Lambs’) and find a product that works for me. Next is to make sure I complete the task right out of the shower, which is the recommendation from my non-ashy friends.

5. Learn to do a manicure and pedicure:

The feeling of a fresh mani-pedi cannot be explained in words, which is why the first thing a woman does once she gets one is posts a picture of it on Instagram. So, it is with great sadness that I say I need to give up the pricey habit (but not those Instagram posts) in 2019. Every time I shell out Dh150 to get one, I think to myself that I could totally just do this at home. I’ve always been good at applying my own polish, so I just need to nail the steps that come before it. The only investment would be the tools such as cuticle nippers and buffers, and then I’m good to go. I’m sure with the help of everyone’s favourite tutor — YouTube — I’ll be acing my own mani-pedis in no time.