1. Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence SPF 50

Picking a sunscreen can be a complicated affair because of how varied they are in formula, consistency and efficacy. So when you come across a simple product, you’ve got to shout it from the rooftops. This sunscreen by the Korean skincare brand is basic in the best way possible; it’s lightweight, has a high SFP, doesn’t leave a white cast, has no fragrance and is surprisingly moisturising. If you’re an avid sunscreen wearer, you’d have come across some that sting the eyes and/or leave a bitter taste in the mouth as the product moves around the face through the day — this one does not do that. The formula is luscious, soft and smooth, leaving a slightly dewy finish. Because it is very moisturising, I often won’t use my regular cream underneath this. However, the dewy finish can be tricky if you have very oily skin. Those with dry or combination skin would love this. (Dh84)

2. Body Shop Japanese Camellia Cream

As a person who hates body creams, I can say with confidence that this product is more than tolerable. This comes down to its funny texture than can be described as fluffy and bouncy, and the fact that it’s not greasy. When applied, it feels thick but sinks into the skin quickly leaving it soft and smelling lovely. After a while, it feels like you’d never applied anything at all, which is great for someone who hates the feeling of most body creams. The floral fragrance is strong but not offensive or cheap-smelling. A tip is to apply very little and keep adding more if needed because the texture is very deceiving. A little goes a long way so the 350g tub I have will probably last me forever. (The cream can be found in a set with a body scrub for Dh269)

3. Le Petit Marseillais Extra Gentle Body Wash in Milk

Le Petite Marsellais Image Credit: Supplied

The name of this scent variant is so weird and unappealing — who wants a product to smell like milk? Thankfully, this body wash smells like something way better — baby powder. Why the discrepancy in name and actual scent, we will never know. What we do know is that this body wash is positively delicious, affordable and easily available in most major supermarkets. I know I’m not the only person who buys body washes based on how it smells and not whether it’s good, but thankfully this product also feels great on the skin and doesn’t leave it with a squeaky clean effect that can be very drying. (Dh20.4)

4. I’m From Vitamin Tree Mask

If you’re looking for a clarifying and brightening mask that doesn’t strip the skin like a clay mask does, then this one is worth looking into. It contains 8.7 per cent sea buckthorn leaves — which the brand calls vitamin leaves — which give it its thick, green and gritty texture. Vitamin leaves are said to be rich in calcium, which strengthens the skin’s barrier, and contains catechin that prevents oxidation. Fair warning: this mask smells super funky, almost like henna/mehendi. Once applied, it feels cooling and soothing immediately. It doesn’t dry out like a clay mask would, so you can keep it on for long without it hardening. Once washed off, the skin feels smooth, soft and clearer. It would be perfect for those with blemishes and dry skin as it doesn’t strip away moisture. (Dh95)