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Getting creative with make-up is the most fun part of it, and using great products make it all the more enjoyable. These four eye make-up picks have been tried and tested, and tick all the right boxes.

1. 3ina Cream Eyeshadow in 313: Cream shadows are tricky because of how quickly they can crease, leaving broken up shadow that settles in patches on the eyelids; it’s quite unattractive. But the 3ina cream shadow is a gamechanger. The product comes in a luxuriously heavy glass jar and the texture is strangely soft. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the shadow is not going to stay put on the lid because of how light it is. However, once applied, the eyeshadow sets to a dry finish and does not move. Because of the fluffy, mousse texture of the shadow, applying it properly takes a bit of work. Avoid using a finger — it gives an opaque, more glittery appearance, but it also applies too thickly and unevenly this way. My preferred application is with a small fluffy brush, buffing it over the lid in thin layers and building up to full opacity slowly. The shade 313 is a shimmery, gorgeous rose gold that is perfect for everyday wear. (Dh45 on Namshi and in stores)

2. 3ina Pen Eyeliner: I consider myself a bit of a pen eyeliner aficionado and love being introduced to new ones. This particular liner is a joy to use because it’s a little bit imperfect. There are two issues I’ve had with pen liners: excess liquid being dispensed from the tip, which makes drawing a thin, clean line tricky; and the nib of the pen being too soft. These two characteristics might be positive things for others, but I like this 3ina pen because it offers the opposite. The felt tip nib is on the drier side, which lets me build my line slowly and with more control. The nib is a smidgen too stiff, but it means my wings are sharper because of it. The liquid is a deep black that doesn’t need to be layered to get dark, and the formula is long-wearing with no smudging or flaking. This is a liner for those serious about their winged eyeliner. (Dh49 on Namshi and in stores)

3. Kiko Milano Neutral Eye Base: This base is nothing fancy; from the simple, almost boring white and black packaging, to the light beige product itself. But it works and that’s all you need from an eyeshadow primer. The product applies with a slight beige tint, which acts like a concealer on the lid and lets the eyeshadow really pop. When applied over the eye, it dries to a soft, matte finish. The trick is to apply a thin layer all over the lid with the finger and then brush the tiniest bit of powder over it to set it. The powder is optional, but I think it helps shadows blend better. I always notice that my eyeshadows crease or separate quicker when I’ve skipped using this base. The tube comes with 10ml of product, which will last for a long time since only a drop is needed for each application. (Dh49 at Kiko Milano stores)

4. Cozzette Crystal Eyeshadow in Iolite: There’s an Instagram filter that places colourful sparkles over the user’s eyelids. This eyeshadow is that filter in real life. In the pan, this violet shimmer shade looks lovely, but generic. However, once applied onto the lid it’s like no other shadow I’ve seen. The formula contains tiny, highly reflective glitter particles that give off an ethereal shine. The glitter particles aren’t chunky, and there is almost no eyeshadow fall out, which makes for a mess-free application. It blends like a dream and is overall a pleasant shadow to use. The shade Iolite is beautiful applied on its own or with other shades. Shine on you crazy diamond (or crystal)! (Dh40 on glamazle.com)