If you’ve left your costume to the last minute, you won’t need to look further than your own dressing table for a Halloween look. Dubai-based artist Alicia Goveas has created these two looks — Galaxy Leopard and Glam Skull — for tabloid! using everyday make-up items. The Instagram influencer once went viral for confusing people at The Dubai Mall when she painted her face to look like singer Zayn Malik. We can assure you these are a lot simpler, but are still very Insta-worthy.

Galaxy Leopard

■ Start off with a foundation (Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r) and blend well.

■ Blend a brown eyeshadow (from Tarte Pro Amazonian Clay Palette) into the crease of the eye, taking it almost to the brow bone.

■ Press a purple glitter eyeshadow (Midnight Bold from Fenty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette) onto the eye lid, blending it into the brown eyeshadow.

■ Using a brush, drag the brown eyeshadow from the inner lid onto each side of the nose to start creating the cat nose shape.

■ With black eyeshadow, darken eyebrows.

■ With the same black eyeshadow, darken the outer corner of the eyelid and extend the shadow to create a cat-eye look. 

■ For the spots, use a black liquid eye liner such as the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper to roughly draw C-shapes on the forehead and down the side of the face.

■ Fill the leopard spots with multi-coloured glitter.

■ Use the Midnight Bold purple glitter shadow to contour the cheekbones, the chin and the forehead. Use the same shadow on the tip of the nose.

■ Use the liner to draw out a feline nose and fill in the lips.

■ For a little colour, add blue glitter (Cosmic Ocean from the Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette) to the inner corner of the eyes and gold shimmer (Sunburst from the Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette) to highlight the eyebrow bone, nose and cheeks.

■ Apply a holographic gloss (Fenty Beauty Cosmic Gloss in Spacesuit) on the black lips for added dimension.

■ Pop in cat-eye lenses (available at Mystique Costumes, Al Barsha, Dubai) to complete the look.

Glam Skull

■ Outline the face with a dark brown eyeshadow from the Tarte palette, taking it around the hairline and the jawline.

■ Starting near the ear, draw downwards towards the lips with the shadow to create a jaw shape.

■ Apply a pale foundation to the rest of the face and over the lips.

■ Use a black shadow to thicken the eyebrows and make them more dramatic.

■ Blend a maroon glitter shadow into the crease and on the lid to create the socket of the skull.

■ Use a reddish eyeshadow shade over the brown eyeshadow, used around the mouth for extra dimension.

■ Apply a glittery pink shadow onto the centre of the lid (Meteor Crush and Mars on Fire from the Galaxy palette)

■ Carve out the skull nose with a mix of brown and black eyeshadow.

■ Draw a rough triangle on either side of the nose, leaving a thin line of skin bare along the bridge.

■ Add the brown eyeshadow under the eye as well.

■ Use winged liner and mascara to finish off the look.

■ Add reddish brown shadow between the ‘teeth’ for dimension. 

All products are available at Sephora.

— Jennifer Barretto is a copy editor at tabloid! but her interests go beyond correcting grammar. She also writes about beauty and food