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Dabur International has launched WHO-compliant DermoViva hand sanitisers and antibacterial hand wash to keep everyone safe in the continued fight against coronavirus.

DermoViva hand sanitiser is a non-sticky formula that has natural antibacterial properties of aloe vera and olive, which also help moisturise the skin. Aloe vera is a medicinal plant that has been used for many years in fighting germs. Olive extract is also proven to have antibacterial properties, that help kill harmful germs.

The UAE government has taken great efforts in bringing life back to normal and is doing a commendable job in ensuring safety for its residents and businesses alike.

“As the nation reopens and life gradually returns to normal, we still need to exercise caution by following safety guidelines with regular hand sanitisation and wearing masks at all times,” says Krishan Kumar Chutani, CEO, Dabur International. “We believe our DermoViva range of hygiene products will ensure the safety of our consumers to get along with their daily life.”

DermoViva sanitisers are tested in accredited labs and proven to effectively kill 99.9 per cent germs without the use of water. They are 70 per cent alcohol based, which is the recommended percentage by WHO. The sanitisers also have an amazing and refreshing smell that lingers on the skin.

The product is available in all major supermarkets in the UAE and online on

Dabur has also introduced sanitisers in packs of five and 25 liters that can be used to refill dispensers for institutions and corporates to keep their employees and customers protected. DermoViva will soon launch a personal germ-protection kit that comes with a bottle of hand sanitiser, a pair of gloves, antibacterial wipes and facemasks — the four most crucial items one needs to keep the virus at bay and to keep us protected while on the go.

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