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Fosho comeback

Sabine Fosho, who topped the charts with her hit Baataly email we Hekini (Send me an e-mail and call me) is planning a career comeback.

She will soon be releasing a song on the life and interests of the new generation. Sabine is also planning to launch an album and is spending her time meeting writers and composers in order to choose the songs for her first CD.

Mayssam Nahas is engaged

After spending years alone, cupid smiled on Lebanese singer Mayssam Nahas.

About a year and half ago Majd Moawad, a dentist, fell in love with the gorgeous songstress. Last month, the couple became officially engaged and rumour has the marriage will take place before the end of this year.

Nahas is famous for her straightforwardness; she was one of the first artists to talk about her plastic surgery, and was happy to discuss the status of divorced women in the Middle East with the press — being herself a divorced single mum. "I grew up and matured after my divorce," she says. "Now I know that I have to be with someone with whom I feel secure and, thank God, I finally found this person. Majd supports me in my every day life as well as in my singing career. He understands me." She lavished praise on her fiancé saying he is: "tender, romantic, respected, intelligent, generous, understanding and a family man".

Mayssam Nahas will soon launch her brand new single as well as two new music videos.

Hijazi expecting a boy

Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi has shot her new music video Kalbi Nadak (My Heart Called You). The song is taken from her album Kif el-Kamar (How is the Moon) and the video is directed by Selim Turk.

The singer decided to play her own role in the video, that of a happy woman expecting a child, living a calm and tranquil life. Hijazi got married last September and is now pregnant with a baby boy she will call Karim.

Commenting her appearance in the music video Amal said that "I am indeed pregnant but my belly isn't that big yet in real life." The shooting of the music video took one day and is being shown on Rotana music TV.

Big break up

Nathalie Fadlallah who owns a model agency in Beirut and model Jeff Zalzali have broken up after two and a half years together.

He is lot younger, than she is and they came from different backgrounds and religious communities but were engaged and had planned to marry.

Jeff has been away from Beirut for three months and will soon move to Cairo where new job opportunities await. Jeff, who played the role of the romantic lover in many of Nancy Ajram's music video's, is now — among other things — starring in an Egyptian movie.

When the news of their break up was made public, Nathalie was in Cairo checking on her model agency which she opened in the Egyptian capital two years ago. "We tried our best to make this relationship work but I will never say why we broke up", said Nathalie, adding that she is still friends with Jeff.

Rumours have it that Jeff, who is described by the Lebanese press as a go-getter, is in love with a rich Egyptian woman.