For over 15 years, Rawabi interiors has been at the top of luxury design & architectural elegance. Found in the heart of Dubai, a city filled with opulence & innovation, we have carved a niche for ourselves as a beam of creativity and precision.

Our reach spans the numerous landscapes of the UAE. From the tranquil waves of Palm Jumeirah to the bustling urban streets across the city, the stamp of Rawabi interiors’ craftsmanship is evident. Every project we undertake becomes a landmark, an embodiment of great design.

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Residential Mastery: Our portfolio shines with an array of luxurious villas and apartments. Every residence is a peak of our client’s dreams and our design ethos. Enjoy a world of unparalleled luxury

On the commercial side, we have redefined office interior design. With numerous office projects under our belt, showcased at, we have transformed spaces that not only provide professionalism but also foster creativity and collaboration. Standing prominently among fitout companies in Dubai, our designs cater a diverse client base ensuring every workspace becomes a ray of inspiration.

At Rawabi Interiors, our commitment is twofold: to our craft and to our clients. We believe that every space, personal or professional, tells a story. Our mission is to take that story as captivating as possible, merging the abstract vision of our clients with tangible designs of magnificence.

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In the evolving pace of Dubai’s architectural landscape, Rawabi Interiors stands out as a symbol of timeless beauty and contemporary design. When you choose us, you are choosing more than just an interior design company; you’re embarking on a journey of transformation, elegance, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Experience the Rawabi difference. Let’s create stories together.