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Al Islami is a proud 50-year-old Emirati brand that produces quality halal products under the strict supervision of Al Islami team of product specialists. Its chickens are not stunned and are individually processed in accordance with Islamic principles.

Al Islami is the leading halal premium brand in the UAE, bringing the best, most trusted, healthy and hygienic products for 50 years.

Today, we feature a creative way to prepare Al Islami franks. Its franks are made from pure meat and naturally smoked.

Create your home-style recipes using Al Islami franks, perfect for sandwiches, stews, pastas and a great protein boost for your favorite salads.

We are also sharing the recipe of Mediterranean-style calamari using Al Islami squid rings. Its seafood is sealed in freshness, hand-picked and of premium quality. Nothing beats a tasty seafood dish.

Teriyaki hot dogs with pickled vegetables

Franks and hot dogs are a family sandwich staple but can get a little boring sometimes. With the fresh, sweet and sour tropical flavours of the pickled vegetables and the smoky savoury grilled franks, these buns are really good. Ready to grill?


1 pack Al Islami franks or Jumbo Hotdog of your choice

1 pack of hot dog buns

½ cup teriyaki sauce

4-5 cups vegetable mixture

A few slivers of jalapeno or hot pepper flakes

Pickling Mixture

1 cup white vinegar

6 tbsp sugar

3 tsp salt

2 tbsp mustard seeds

1 cup of cold water


Prepare your pickled vegetables a day in advance. First julienne or roughly chop firm, raw vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, onions, capsicum, turnips, pineapple and cherry tomatoes.

Heat the vinegar, sugar, salt, and mustard seeds to a simmer in a small, non-reactive pot over moderate heat, stirring only until sugar and salt dissolve.

Remove from heat and stir in cold water, which brings down the mixture’s temperature. Let it cool to lukewarm.

Divide the vegetables between 3 or 4 jars. Pour cooled vinegar mixture over the vegetables and refrigerate until needed. Vegetables will be lightly pickled within a hour and fully pickled within a day.

Cut a small slit, lengthwise, into the side of each frank. Place your uncooked franks into a shallow dish. Pour the teriyaki marinade over the top of the franks and coat well. Cover and place in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Grill your franks, turning occasionally, until lightly charred on the outside and heated through the middle. This takes about 5-7 minutes.

Remove from the heat and put in between hotdog buns with pickled vegetables.

Mediterranean-style calamari

. Image Credit: Supplied

This calamari recipe takes out the usual greasy batter and deep frying by giving it a light and tasty Mediterranean twist. Squid rings are sautéed in garlic and finished with a squeeze of fresh lime and broth and sprinkled with fresh dill just before you take it out of the fire.


¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp unsalted butter

10 garlic cloves, roughly chopped

500g Al Islami squid rings

2-3 tbsp fish broth

Juice of 1 ½ limes

Salt and pepper

Pinch of cayenne pepper, (optional)

3 tbsp chopped fresh dill


In a large cast iron skillet, heat the olive oil and unsalted butter. Turn heat to medium-high and add the garlic, sauté briefly, tossing regularly, until fragrant.

Pat the squid rings dry and add to the pan, cook for 1-2 minutes over medium-high heat. The calamari will release some liquid.

Add the fish broth and lime juice. Cook briefly to warm the sauce. Season. If you like a little spice, add a pinch of cayenne. Finally, stir in the fresh dill. Remove from heat and serve.

To know more about Al Islami and its products or for more exciting recipes, follow the company on Facebook or Instagram @alislamifoods.

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