Mercedes-Benz Accelo 915C HR

This versatile model is equipped with a four-cylinder engine producing 150hp and comes with a payload of more than five tonnes. The truck cab is designed with a car-like interior, and is suitable for a driver and two companions.

Price: Varies, as body is built according to the customer needs.

Mercedes-Benz ATEGO 1725 HR

Meanwhile, the powerful Atego 1725 is a multipurpose truck with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 17.1 tonnes, powered by a six-cylinder engine that produces 245hp. The vehicle is equipped with on-board diagnostics and ABS.

Price: Varies, as body is built according to the customer's needs.

Mercedes-Benz ATEGO 1418-2 HR

Also in the Atego range is the 1418 model, featuring a four-cylinder engine generating 177hp. With a GVW of 14tonnes and a six-speed synchromesh gearbox with a two-speed rear axle, it is suited for inner-city and short distance distribution transport.

Price: Varies, as body is built according to the customer needs.

Ford 1843T Tractor Head

This impressive model at the larger end of the scale, boasts an extra high roof sleeper cab, tinted glass, and a hot climate pack as standard – making it an obvious choice for the searing GCC. Other features include EBS & ESP, as well as an electrically controlled sunroof.

Mitsubishi FUSO FA/FI

More fuel-efficient due to an aerodynamic cab design, this robust truck also features a smooth turning radius for outstanding maneuverability, as well as a spacious interior for a more comfortable trip. Extra heavy duty rear suspension and rear axle can cope with heavier loads, while standard front and rear anti-roll bars enhance stability on tipper.

Price: Starting at Dh110,000