iPod picks

Valio La Pena by Marc Anthony
2. Cuando, Cuando Es? by J King and Maximan
3. Promise by Romeo Santos (featuring Usher)
4. The Crazy Oud by The Crazy Oud
5. Easy by Melisa Le Rue
6. Je Veux by Zaz
7. La B’ahlamak by Julia Boutros
8. Blank Notes by Abri
9. Quedate by Lara Fabian
10. Lamma Bada by Lena Chamamyan


What’s your favourite kind of music?
I can listen to pretty much everything – from classical to Arabic, Latin and Jazz
– but I love Latin music most. It can make me dance even if I’m deadly tired!

Your relationship with music?
Music is everything to me! At work, I make music; when I’m resting, I listen to music; when I’m happy, I dance to music.

Which artist do you admire most?
Legendary singer Stevie Wonder. His talent is amazing.

Music you grew up listening to?
I remember listening to Michael Jackson and Guns ‘N’ Roses’ music.

Music that makes you feel homesick?
Bulgarian folk music, which is also my father and my grandfather’s favourite genre.

Your memorable musical experience?
Playing with Lebanese singer Marwan Khoury was a nice experience.