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I have come across individuals who narrate their emotional suffering with such practiced ‘relish’ that it is obvious they have been repeating it over and over again in their head, to the extent that their identification is with the suffering.

In this, such energy is highly activated within one’s energy-system, and by the force of Law of Attraction, one attracts more of what is activated; be it optimism or doubt, fear or faith. The lower form of attitude ought to be released if one is to heal and transform. The frequencies of suffering, healing and positivity are different. In order to move to positive transformation, one needs to practice the desired frequency more.

Difficulties are indicators that some things need to change; in thoughts, behaviour, habits, attitudes etc. Shift indicates moving from lower frequency to higher/lighter, which begins at the thought and emotion level (non-visible). Action follows suit (visible).

Conscious creation

Know that shifting is deliberate work/creation (which you do for your own future). Shift requires practice of the positive and empowering thoughts and emotions, no matter how bleak a situation is. One can deliberately transform the feeling of despair into a feeling of hope. Parallelly, this also means cutting attention from the current (seen) reality of despair, to create newer reality (of hope, unseen and ready to manifest with focus).

By way of analogy, consider energy as a lump of clay which contains in it innumerable forms or potentialities. The clay can become a pot, toy, cup, bowl, spoon. It is up to you how you shape its future physical form.

The two most significant aspects in shift are:

a) Moving from what is being seen/experienced (visible aspect) to how one wishes/desires things to be (not visible yet). Eg. Visible: Broken relationship with a friend; emotion/feeling of loss. Desire: Loving, caring relationship, emotion of joy (non-visible). The feeling of joy can be created right now, and on-going physical reality will change. Shift-work is with intention and faith.

b) The non-visible aspect is built with higher energies such as of faith, trust, optimism, anticipation, hope (related reality will get visible/ delivered if practiced faithfully).


• On-going reality/thought of a person who is overwhelmed with office work: ‘People take advantage of me. They pile work on me.’ (Accompanying emotion is of unease, not desired).

• Desired reality: ‘People stop taking advantage of me’/ ‘People respect me.’

• New creation by thoughts, accompanying feelings and emotions:

- ‘I don’t allow people to take advantage of me’ (invoking the energy of determination, feeling relief, but still doubt as on-going reality is the opposite).

- But how? (Doubt opens up question, this reflection routes to solution-energy. Positive.)

- ‘I say no to unfair piling of work on me’ (feeling of relief, but self-doubt still dominant)

- ‘How can I say no?’ ‘I may put my job at risk’ (plummeted back to lower feelings of unease, worry).

- ‘I am helping my colleagues, isn’t that good?’ (self-justification in finding comfort in the old, unease persists, no change in future creation of reality).


- ‘I can say no to what I feel is unfair’. (Building determination and courage again).

- ‘I am confident in saying no. I can do it.’ (Invoking the energy of confidence, building positive shift, still to be visible).

• ‘I know when and how to say no’ (adding clarity on courage, confidence, determination. Positive shift builds up).

• ‘I know when and how to stop people overstepping on me (entrenching the positive-empowering shift further). Good deal of positive -energy mass build up to land/manifest.


Colleague/boss: ‘Will you finish this project?

‘Well, on second thoughts, I will do it myself. No worries.’ (Shift manifested, landing done riding on the newly arranged energy that now emanates self-belief, faith on positive manifestation, alongside energies of confidence and determination).

Shift takes practice. Practice is largely on faith working with reality that is still non-visible. The deliberate creation process re-arranges energies (eg, diffidence to self-confidence/ self-worth/self-respect). New emotions go on to create new physical realities.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her email: