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Instagram sensation Baby Chanco, a one-year-old Japanese girl know for her incredible mane, has landed her first commercial.

Baby Chanco, who has more than 371,000 followers on Instagram, appears in a campaign by Pantene alongside Japanese television announcer Sato Kondo, who is known for her natural grey hair.

The commercial, part of Pantene Japan’s #HairWeGo campaign, encourages people to celebrate their unique hair and be who they want to be. It tells the story of Chanco’s hair story from birth, with the positive message of embracing one’s individuality. Baby Chanco also stars in a video on Pantene’s YouTube channel. Titled ‘The Hairy Tale’, an animated chronicle of the baby’s life, shows how her hair has changed Chanco’s life. She will also appear in a series of advertisements and videos for the brand.

According to P&G Japan hair care associate brand director Yoshiaki Okura, Chanco, who just turned one in December, didn’t have to do too much to snag the gig. Alex Keith, the president of global hair care and beauty sector at P&G, happened to find an article online featuring Chanco that said, “Get this kid a Pantene ad!” and the rest was history, reports Huffington Post.

“Chanco’s personality and special character matches our image for women we want to support,” Okura told HuffPost.