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We take you through the process of how private home owners and tenants in Dubai can sublet or lease out their homes on a short-term basis without going through an approved Dubai Tourism holiday homes operator. 

The new system is implemented in a way to ensure that the home-owners meet all the quality standards, codes of conduct, amenities, safety, health and insurance benchmarks that the hospitality sector of Dubai is known for. The new regulations only allow lease of complete residential units; sharing of rooms is illegal.

See details of the new regulations on the Dubai Tourism website.

Steps (Home Owner)

1. Create an online account on the official Holiday Homes website.

2. Select ‘Home Owner’ for registration type.

3. Select a manager who will be responsible for the unit and enter the appropriate details. This can be a third party or the owner himself.

4. Upload valid Emirates ID copy or passport copy

5. Within 2-3 business days, your account request will be processed and you will be contacted for further procedures.

6. Submit required documents at the Dubai Tourism office and pay Dh1,570 to start your approval process.

This amount includes an annual registration fee (Dh1,500), classification of unit fee (Dh50) as Standard or Deluxe, Knowledge Fee (Dh10) and Innovation Fee (Dh10).

7. You have to submit a copy of your title deed and Ejari registration proof apart from other required documents.

8. After approval, the owner will get his own username and account as an approved holiday home provider.

9. Get your final license depending on the number of rooms and term to register your property.

The final license for the permit costs Dh300 per room for one term. The term of lease should be from three months to one year. You can use the same account to get separate permits for multiple units. 

Home-owners are responsible for the standards of the accommodation and amenities. The property is self-classified as Standard or Deluxe but expect regular inspection by Dubai Tourism to ensure quality standards.

Steps (Tenants)

Tenants can follow the same processes with minor changes.

1. Tenants need a No Objection Certificate from their home owners along with an authorisation letter.

2. Tenants cannot sublet more than one unit.

3. The tenancy contract copy, Ejari registration proof and Dewa bills need to be submitted along with the authorisation letter from the owner.

This move is part of Dubai’s tourism vision leading upto Expo 2020, complementing the growth in tourism in the emirate while catering to the diversified traveler demographics and needs. This will help attract tourists who look for something more than a budget hotel, while opening up the hospitality and holiday home segment in Dubai. 

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Disclaimer: Gulf News is not responsible for any amendments to this new process. These steps are to be used as a guide only. For detailed information on your home, contact Dubai Tourism directly.