Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News

Have you ever used a machine or a tool in your life that does everything for you? Reform Athletica, located on Jumeirah Beach Road, has two signature classes that revolve around a tool and a machine that can be the answer to all your fitness goals. Both classes improve core strength, and at the same time, provide a full body workout.

 A big component of TRX training is that it develops stability and awareness in almost every movement.”

 - ARoberto Julio | Fitness instructor

TRX Athletica, one of the classes, uses a TRX suspension trainer. The class aims at developing muscle strength and focuses on athletic movement development. Speaking to one of the co-founders and fitness instructor, Roberto Julio, I asked what makes TRX Athletica different from a normal weight-training.

“A big component of TRX training is that it develops stability and awareness in almost every movement. Using a suspension training device it forces the user to stabilise their body before performing any movement, therefore challenging their core stabilising muscles to be engaged throughout. Also, any move can be adapted quickly and easily according to the clients ability, so it’s a great tool for group training as you can modify accordingly,” Julio explains.

Imagine yourself doing a push-up, only that both your legs are suspended. Or lunges? But again, with one leg suspended. It is challenging, I should say, but could be effective. The reason for suspension or using TRX, according to Julio, is to allow the user to develop body awareness and overall movement mobility. “The goal is to create a strong foundation using your own body weight as resistance and then adding external weight to progress if the client is ready for it,” Julio adds.

The other class is called Reform Method. This time it uses not just a simple cord but a rather complex looking machine called Lagree Megaformer. This class is all about low-impact yet high-intensity strength and conditioning exercises on the Megaformer. It is 50-minute long and aims at improving overall body awareness through gymnastics and pilates-inspired movements.

Julio says: “Reform Method focuses on eliminating strength imbalances by working on single leg stabilising exercises, for example, as well as strengthening the left and right, and the front and back of the body.”

With everything fast-paced today, I’ve noticed that most athletes also prefer fast and high-intensity workouts, so I’ve asked Julio if Reform Method can be beneficial for all types of athletes.

“Yes, absolutely. Due to the spring loaded tension that is used on the Megaformer any movement can be adjusted according to the level of ability or background of the client. Beginners, weekend warriors as well as professional athletes can train alongside each other and be trained to suit their level. Also the fact that the workout is low impact adds to the fact the that it’s suitable even if you are recovering from injury for example,” Julio advises.

Having used dumbbells, EZ curl bar, rowing machine and a few more, I can say I have found my favourite. No, not monkey bars. I did love being suspended whilst doing hardcore strength muscle training.