Dwynn Ronald Trazo and his friends exercise during the REAXING Middle East launch at Fitness4Life. Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News

Life moves us in different directions and our reactions determine outcomes. Try as we might, we don’t always control the circumstances. Now, fitness has found a way to incorporate life’s unpredictability into workouts.

REAXING is an innovative concept that’s a neuromuscular training revolution, a functional workout system that makes use of instability to heighten mental awareness and increase muscle recruitment. The unexpected and random shifts added to your exercises are the stimuli. Think burpees not on flat ground but on a constantly moving surface, or lunges with water-filled weights suspended from the bar on your back. The requirement for mind and body coordination is instantly multiplied.

Quick response leads to progress

REAXING improves your overall performance by forcing your senses and your muscles to react quickly. State-of-the-art REAX Board and the REAX Chains are just few of the equipment they employ, and they’re some of fitness’ most versatile tools. Throw the Bosu ball in there, too, for good measure.

REAX is a functional workout system that makes use of instability to heighten mental awareness and increase muscle recruitment

Whether you’re on the board doing sit-ups, testing your response time on the wall with lights, or spinning and swinging chains, workouts are so much fun with a variety of curveballs thrown at you. Sweat it out with an intense combination of cardio and strength exercises without even noticing time flying by.

The REAXING brand of training is offered in Fitness4Life gym, Silicon Oasis, Dubai.

Improve your cycling performance… indoors

My Tri Club, one of the programmes offered in My Sports Academy, is a triathlon (swimming, cycling, running) club in Dubai that recently was the recipient of 15 MyCycling units given by Technogym. Why is this significant, you ask? With temperatures on the rise, it is crucial for cycling enthusiasts to be able to continue training without the adverse risks and effects related with hot, dry weather.

With Technogym’s indoor training solution, cyclists from my My Tri Club are provided with opportunities to further improve athletic performance with MyCycling.

It combines a hi-tech smart trainer, a native app and a network of professional trainers at the cyclists’ disposal. Children and adults alike will benefit from the indoor alternative since MyCycling comes with personalised programmes that include but are not limited to various outdoor sprint simulations. Its app enables cyclists to ride along some of the world’s iconic routes, such as Passo dello Stelvio and Col de l’Alpe d’Huez among others. The routes are not only meant for solo trips, one can also engage in challenging competitions with other MyCycling users.

My Sports Academy is a sports coaching facility with coaches who focus on long-term athletic development. Aside from My Tri Club, they also have My Swim Club, My Football Club, and My Netball Club as part of their programme.