Dwynn Trazo, Roula Sijaan and Walid Yari work out together at 'Fitness First' Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

It was in 2014 when I first started joining fitness boot camps. I joined the creative team at Gulf News doing Tabata. And as I recall it correctly, it was the most excruciating 40 minutes of my life! Not!

Since then I’ve been conscious with my diet and of course try and stay active as much as I can. Then, there are those people who have been enlightened at an early age. SAP sales executive and freelance bodybuilding trainer Roula Sijaan started working out as early as when she was thirteen years old. She started with doing leg workouts every day.

“One of my favourite moves was squats as it activates every single muscle and strengthen the full body. Of course, I used to combine small muscles as well with the leg, like biceps, triceps, core,” recalls Sijaan.

We all got reasons for doing what we do. Sijaan wanted to be stronger even at a young age. For her, the gym was a place where she could let go all the negative energy and build her strength both physically and emotionally. She trained for an hour and a half every day and confessed that it was really something she was passionate about.

Fast forward today, Sijaan works out twice a day — morning and evening. Spending 5 to 6 hours in the gym, she prefers working out at night though, since her aim is to build her muscles. “It depends on your goal. If your goal is to lose weight, you have to exercise in the morning so that you can burn more fats. If your goal is to gain more muscles, you have to work out at night to maintain your muscle mass,” she advises.

“Fitness is very important to let go of all the negative things in your life. Start today before it’s too late,” advises Sijaan.

Having heard all these from Sijaan got me thinking, what is really the perfect age to start working out or bodybuilding? I am guessing the safest answer is today!

Getting started

When asked what are the things she thinks she gained as someone having a head start at fitness, here are some of the pros Roula Sijaan lists:

1. Gets you focused — When you start working out on an early stage you will build the habit of dedication, consistency and determination that can be similarly implemented in every aspect in your life.

2. Boosts your metabolism — Making your body used to the routine of workouts will help you boost your metabolism and maintain it through time.

3. Builds your confidence and self-esteem — Working out at an early stage will build huge confidence that can be used very smartly in different aspects in life.

4. Improves your flexibility.

5. Gets you a good physique, encourages healthy growth and development.

6. Lowers stress