Grivasana Image Credit: Supplied

Most of us tend to adopt a poor neck posture either while sleeping, working at the desk, driving or even when reading the newspaper. Poor neck posture makes the head lean forward and is one of the most common causes of neck, head and shoulder tension, and pain.

Poor posture also leads to improper breathing habits. Grivasana, which means "neck pose" in Sanskrit, strengthens the neck and back, and realigns the spinal vertebrae. It also rectifies bad postural habits.


  1. Lie on back. Bend knees, keep feet flat on floor and hands by sides.
  2. Place palms on floor under shoulders with fingers pointing towards feet. While inhaling press down with palms and lift hips off the floor. Rest the top of head on floor.
  3. Gradually transfer weight on to head. Take hands off the floor one by one and once balance is stable fold them on chest. Breathe normally in the final posture. Hold for 30-60 seconds.


  1. It strengthens the neck, shoulders and thighs.
  2. It stretches the neck and increases blood flow to the brain.
  3. It stimulates the thyroid glands.
  4. This asana creates a sense of balance.


People with neck conditions such as spondylitis and arthritis should not practise this posture. Those suffering from high blood pressure, serious eye problems, prolapse, hernia or acidity should avoid this pose.