Motivated to start working out and don't know where to start? Our experts have a few suggestions. However, we do recommend consulting a fitness professional or doctor (in case you have had health problems) before you start any exercise programme.

Bernadette Abraham, a certified fitness professional, says that the simplest and most effective workout plan includes full body conditioning and cardiovascular exercise on alternate days. The aim for full body conditioning is target all of the major muscle groups like the legs, back, chest, shoulders, and arms. Here are 10 exercises that provide a complete body workout: 1) Squats, 2) Lunges, 3) Lat pull down, 4) Seated row, 5) Chest fly, 6) Chest press, 7) Lat raise, 8) Shoulder press, 9) Tricep dips, and 10) Bicep curls.

"Interval training is a great way to increase the heart rate, and it also makes the aerobic workout less monotonous. This is achieved by repeatedly increasing the intensity of the workout for a period of time and then decreasing it again. For example, begin walking on the treadmill at a pace that is comfortable for three minutes, then increase the speed or incline to increase the intensity and run for another three minutes. Continue to alternate between the low and high ends of your target heart rate range for three minutes each for the duration of your workout," says Abraham.

Ben Thomson, Operations Manager, Nautilus Academy, says the simplest way to structure a programme is to incorporate a 20-minute cardiovascular workout with a 24-minute, single set, Nautilus resistance circuit and flexibility/stretch regime. This provides a total body workout utilising all of the body's main muscle groups to solicit gains and progression, easy monitoring and maintenance. It is easy to integrate into anyone's 'busy life' and only requires three sessions per week.

Catherine Williams, a certified personal trainer, nutrition and lifestyle consultant and group fitness instructor says that you don't have to visit a gym to do cardiovascular activity. "For example, you can use the stairs instead of escalators, you can vacuum your home or choose to walk rather than using the car for short distances. Dubai's shopping mails also offer serious long-distance walking options. If group exercise gets you motivated, there are several fitness classes being held in and around Dubai. Those with injuries or advised to be off high impact activity can try spinning or 'rpm' on bikes. If you enjoy dancing, then a salsa or Body Jam class is a good way to sweat.

If you want to really de-stress while losing pounds, try a martial arts-inspired class such as Body Combat. If you like the Jane Fonda approach, try Body Attack or Body Step. Waterbabies would enjoy aqua fit classes. These classes and even swimming are great for those with problems such as joint pain," she says.

Williams says that there are lots of sports-related activities such as cycling and triathalon training programmes, which take place in Dubai.

"You can also try walking, jogging or get a bike and join Wolfi's gang on the road. Just remember to make sure that your body can take the type of cardiovascular exercise you choose. Get professional advice from a physician, if necessary, or you can end up with some nasty injuries."