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In most situations, procrastinators subconsciously derive some “benefit” in procrastinating; at this point this benefit seems more appeasing than the intention of doing what I, as a procrastinator, want to do. This benefit may be a skewed one, meaning, I am receiving that benefit “indirectly”. It is a subconscious trade-off.

So, on the outside I may tend to feel guilty and beat up myself. Also negate the proposition that there’s a benefit I am receiving. To work with this type of procrastination, examine yourself: How is procrastinating helping me? Be honest in your assessment.

Check out other reasons too. One may not be energetically lined up to the action yet. Ask : Do I feel ready, inspired or do I feel the need to fill some gaps before taking that final call? How does procrastination feel at this stage? Feel it, identify those gaps, fill them. Once done, this may invoke the energy of : “I am ready to take the action.” (“I am procrastinating this exam because I don’t feel up to it, yet” or “I am prepared, I am ready, I am excited, let’s do it now.”)

One way to beat procrastination for routine tasks such as delaying grocery-shopping or filling that sales client list, can be to just do it. Grocery-shopping or filling client lists may feel. For such routine “handicaps” do them as “the first thing” from the to-do list. Or find creative ways to make the task interesting in the mind.

For “high-risk” procrastination such as buying a property, changing a job or making financial investments, check the fear-based beliefs. First energetically line up and address the discomfort/s. Write down the fears, this will bring more clarity. Writing down will also bring to the surface, unhelpful beliefs held energetically. “My decision can go wrong,” “Things never work out the way I plan,” “My plans fail.”, may be some beliefs promoting procrastination. Again, how does procrastination feel at this point? What emotions do they evoke from within? Suppose I make a decision. How does that make me feel? Note the energetic difference in: when I procrastinate and when I make a decision. Which one feels like relief? What thoughts allowed me to decide? Make notes.

Aligning up

One way to line up energy to make decisions with ease is to appreciate oneself genuinely, lovingly, fully. Focus on self-accomplishments rather than “failures”. One can line up energy by affirming : ‘Even though I have a tendency to procrastinate, however, I love myself fully and completely’. ‘ Even though I don’t want to take this decision, I still choose love and accept myself’.’ I allow myself to feel the flow of life’.

The idea is not to get embroiled in the causes, but to focus on breaking the loop of procrastination. To sum up, fill this blank in sincerity, “I’m procrastinating because…………..” . There can be several reasons for procrastination. And for an individual, different reasons too, depending upon the different stages of growth.

Here is a method of self-enquiry:

I am procrastinating because, “It is an awful amount of work.”

“How does it make me feel?”

“Overwhelmed.” “Fatigued already.”

“How can I overcome this fatigue?”

“Break down the work-load.”

“Does this give a sense of ease?”


“How to do it?”

“If it is a medium-term plan, break the goal into monthly target, to weekly, and goal it down to daily tasks.”

“What if I procrastinate on my daily tasks?”

“Are you willing to take responsibility for your actions?”


“Then choose to re-start on the actions. Follow the law of repetition to break a loop. It is never too late and nothing is lost.”

“Or, no, I am not willing to take responsibility.”

Digging can continue at deeper levels.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: www.karmicwellness.in Email: hellokarmicwellness@gmail.com