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Why do we face challenges in life? The challenges you have is for your growth and progress, abundance and learning. Challenges help you see things in a new perspective, broken from old paradigms, meaning the ways you have been used to seeing them- as challenges. What if the challenges were opportunities?

If you consider your challenges as opportunities for your growth, then dealing with them is easy because the acceptance is there. When there is denial, the challenges assume greater force to the extent that surmounting them seems a behemoth task.

So, accept what comes to you for, they are for your growth and learning.

Challenges Mould Your Personality

Your personality and your True Self are two energies, intertwined as one. The gross and the subtle energy. Your subtle energy, the True Self is pure, it is aware of the potential and the greatness that exist in you. Your personality feels it is limited and can’t do things. When there is contradiction in trust, friction occurs, you are in two minds.

Challenges are like curves that propel you to faster growth; if challenges didn’t force themselves on you, you would never rise up to face one, and never learn. Your soul wants to learn.

Why must you suffer? Suffering is not needed in overcoming challenges. What is needed is true knowledge of the challenges. Ask: What is this challenge teaching me? What was it that I need to learn? Challenges help you to overcome karmic patterns.

I and Me

‘I’ as you see it, is more than just the personality (which resists change and seeks comfort).

‘I’ also contains the energy of your soul, which wants to grow and learn (that is the nature of the soul). When contradictions occur between these two aspects of your own self, then the challenges seem bigger and grander.

Those who go with the flow, accept challenges and learn, find it easy to live in the rhythm of their life.

Your feeling of evolving, maturing (owing to challenges that you have accepted and overcome) is not seen physically but is felt by you, it is a felt-experience.

Bring lightness in your challenges by seeing them as a game of life. Ask those two questions. So long as there is life, there will be something or the other to work with. Be thankful.

Deeper Meaning

You are more than this personality. You are a spirit which has come in this earthly realm to gain some experiences because your soul, in short, you, wanted this experience. That is why some experiences come on their own. You may not have a hand in playing them. For example, your birth in a certain family or location or family relationships, etc. In some you may have a hand, for example, how you choose to deal with a broken relationship, issues of abundance or any other.

So, you, that is, your personality and soul, go on to (a) give you some life experiences (b) allow you to create some life experiences. Both are true. Don’t feel bounded by your circumstances. If you give the flow that your soul wants, you will gift yourself the peace.

Therefore, connect to your internal guidance. Sit in quietness every day to connect to your True Self.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: