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Singing bowls-Cup of life - popular mass product souvenir in Nepal, Tibet and India-stay on ethnic traditional wooden ornament. (Singing bowls-Cup of life - popular mass product souvenir in Nepal, Tibet and India-stay on ethnic traditional wooden orna Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Humanity has used sound for healing processes for centuries. Human voice is an effective instrument in generating and moving energy. The effect of chanting creates positive physiological changes in the body. Chanting is a powerful tool to dive deep into a meditative state to initiate healing and restore inner harmony.

The therapeutic effects of chanting are known to shift energy patterns and remove clogged energy.

Chanting to Heal

In balancing and harmonising of chakras, for instance, chanting of seed (beej) mantra combined with controlled use of breath, produces internal vibrations stimulating respective chakra centres. Sound vibrations of seed mantra helps to harness the energy potential associated with that chakra. Each chakra has its specific beej mantra.

For example, in chanting LAM, the beej mantra of the root chakra, one is able to align the related energies of stability, security and worthiness, calling in abundance, and rooting out survival-based fear. (packed in the LAM seed mantra).

One might ask, why the single-syllables of LAM, VAM, RAM etc, are called seed mantra?

Seed is representative of potential; given the right circumstances, just as a seed holds the potential to germinate and become a plant/ tree, similarly, (in chanting of seed mantra), one is able to open up the consciousness and rise up to varied potential. Just as in a seed there is a latent plant / tree, similarly, in you there is a reservoir of potential, still latent and waiting to be tapped. With chanting of seed mantra of respective energy centers, you are able to connect to the Supreme Consciousness and expand self- awareness to act upon your potential powers in the earthly realm. Growth, progress and happiness will follow.

One can, thus, move from LAM (denser energy) to OM (the seventh chakra, subtle energy), aligning and amplifying the powers of the energy centers, with each chakra seed mantra chanting.

Bowled by Vibration

Consider this: Seed mantras are vibration. Sound is vibration (vibrations that we can hear are called sound). We are vibrational beings; every cell, molecule, tissue, organ, bone of our body vibrates.

“Sound is a nutrient for the nervous system” (Alfred Tomatis). When we hear sound through our ears, the electrical impulses generated by sound charges the nervous system and the brain (the ear converts sound into nerve impulses).

If the brain is well “charged”, a person is able to attain a coherent, organised brainwave state. Since sound can directly affect the state of the brain, a coherent brain is able to bring positive emotional, mental and physical changes.

This is true of other sound-based healing systems such as drums, gongs, bells, cymbals, rattle, flutes, singing bowls etc which have been used for thousands of years by different cultures worldwide for healing and transformation.

In Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing therapy, for instance, the vibration of bowls helps in realigning and balancing of physical and energetic fields of the body.

When bowls are played, “the sound stimulates the brain chemistry, releasing healing hormones which open up the body intelligence,” says Mathilde, sound healing teacher of Ascensions Platforms. “This increases our abilities to redirect, recalibrate, and optimise the flow of energy to a normal state,” adds the spiritual mentor.

The sound of healing bowls entrains the brain to move into a theta brain wave frequency. When played, the bowls produce sound which is heard by ears, and vibrations are sensed by the skin and bones. This induces relaxation, lowers heart rate and slows the brain wave activity, allowing the mind and body to connect and promote inner healing. The “out of tune” body parts go on to repair and restoration mode to effect natural harmony. Meaning, the pulse, breathing and craniosacral activity returns to natural rhythm. Explains Mathilde, “Sound healing balances the body’s biological rhythms and processes.”

Sound and Intention

Our cells vibrate. Our different body organs produce different resonant frequencies. Sickness, disease, depression, and stress causes humans to vibrate at a lower frequency. Tuning in to natural frequency involves intention of the practitioner and ‘healee’ as well. Affirms Dubai-based Mathilde, “the intention, trust and openness of the person to receive are important keys for the sound healing process to happen with ease.” She teaches the techniques of sound healing through

Cells respond to intention. Intentions and thoughts are vibration too. When you are chanting mantras, put your positive emotion and intention behind it to release stuck energies. Chakras are related to hormone producing endocrine glands. The endocrine system regulates your moods and emotions, which emanate in your energetic body first. With chanting and vibrations, one releases the toxic emotions from the subtle energetic body, thus manifesting wellness in physical bodies.

The positive changes that occur are subtle at first. But with trust in the process, one is able to reap discernible benefits of sound healing.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a Tibetan Bowl sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at