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Your inner self always speaks to you to guide and support you in your journey. Sometimes you listen this inner voice, sometimes you ignore it and at other times, silence it through rational argument.

At one point or the other, we all have experienced this inner voice, the knowing or intuition. The intuition arises at the Ajna chakra. Located between the eyebrows and connected to the pituitary gland, this chakra is home to the ‘sixth sense’.

Also termed as the brow or the third eye chakra, the positive and negative aspects of an individual becomes neutral at this point. The dualistic aspects of life merges to leave the contradictions and be neutral. The male and female energies of an individual meld at the Ajna chakra.

The concept of masculine-feminine, yin-yang, heat and light, spirit and essence represents this unity, or neutrality.

Cosmic Awareness

When your brow centre is activated and balanced, you recognise the self and truth reveals itself to you. You understand what maya or illusion is and rise above it. You will start seeking the truth, move beyond the mundane nature of things to reach out for the elevated (the non-dualistic). Perspectives will change and the pining to know the truth or the absolute, will intensify. This pining can be likened to a lover longing to know more about the beloved.

There is a greater thirst for knowledge, one that fulfils you to the core. The dissatisfaction ends and peace prevails. A sense of serenity overcomes the soul. This ‘treat’ of serenity is akin to experiencing calmness of a placid lake.

The peace and fulfilment go on to give meaning to all that was, all that you are seeking and all that is happening. There is unity in body, mind and soul in this existential form.

When duality and separation pause, calmness is experienced. You are ready to merge your consciousness to the higher consciousness. Ego melts and the understanding of things takes place from an expanded perspective. Judgement, then, becomes a trivial aspect, a ridiculous concept even, as wisdom ensues. While ego will always reside in you to give you identity, it’s purpose will remain just that- to be a logo of life. Pride, falsity, duality will melt.

Strike the Balance

This chakra is under-activated in a person if s/he is arrogant, intellectual to a fault, quick to judge and quick to proclaim. Such a person lacks emotional intelligence. On the other hand, if a person’s Ajna chakra is over-activated, the individual feels indifferent to the earthly affairs of life, would want to “run away” from “here”. Grounding, therefore, is essential and can be done by sitting in a calm state or in meditation. One can imagine roots (like roots of a giant tree) running down from the soles of the feet or the pelvic floor, down to Mother Earth. With each exhalation, one can imagine the roots going down deeper and deeper, stronger and stronger to the Earth and firmly anchoring to the centre of Mother Earth. The grounding exercise helps counter the “airy” feeling.

Poor memory, confusion, sight problems, migraines, insomnia, acute sinusitis and dizziness are a few symptoms calling for work on ajna chakra. When this energy is in balance, an individual will have a clearer view of purpose in life, will tend to see things from the “top floor”, will have clarity on current and future aspects of life. Such persons will trust their intuition, no questions asked. For them, manifestations are easy.

The chanting of seed mantra ‘Om’ helps balance this centre. Tratak or candle gazing meditation is another way to stimulate the energy. When the heart and the intellect is in balance, consciousness expands.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: milarao2018@gmail.com