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How do you see yourself through your own eyes? What image do you carry of your own self? This may be a key to some of the ‘natural’ responses you let out in certain situations.

Remember a time when you got caught up in a disagreeable situation? How did you walk out of it? Cool and confident as a winner? Or not exactly like that?

More often than not, responding to particularly intense situations is reflective of how one holds self in one’s own eyes.

Some people are born confident; some have to work to get there. (From nature’s perspective, there is no judgment in either). This sort of ‘working out’ on the emotional level is similar to working out on a physical level. A healthy emotional workout is in the form of feeding the mind with positive thoughts and exercising those positive thoughts over and over again for a healthy outcome.

Thoughts graduate to make up your beliefs. To arrive at a belief, you must have fed a thought. Beliefs are stored in your emotional body. This emotional body houses your energy to respond instinctively to a particular situation.

Here’s an example: “I think I will fail this driving test.” If you go on to repeat this thought, your subconscious mind will take it as a command. And in all probability, you will manifest your thought.

When the manifestation happens, you will start believing it. “See, I told you, I am never going to pass this test.” When you go on to repeat this further, your belief starts getting stronger, till it manifests yet again (as you keep feeding it). However, if you changed that thought to a positive one: “I am confident, I will pass the test easily. I am well-prepared for it” and repeat it, this will manifest as well. At one point, one thought goes dominant. All said and done, you manifest what you believe.


Going back to confidence, energy in the solar plexus centre is related to self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. Located two fingers above the navel, the solar plexus or the manipur chakra is the centre of transformation. It represents the ‘sense of self’. Associated with the element of fire, the solar plexus signifies the ability to change oneself and situations.

An imbalanced solar plexus manifests in the form of either aggressiveness or a timid attitude, as in falling short on confidence to act on a well-meaning thought.

With an overactive solar centre energy, one may be full of vanity and may have the tendency to be manipulative. An individual is likely to be judgmental in addition to lacking sensitivity. S/he may be inclined towards perfectionism. On the other hand, with a delicate solar plexus centre, a person may be anxious or be in a nervous state quite often, may struggle with indecision and in all probability will lack the energy to put ideas into action. Self-doubt could cloud over.

At the physical level, this chakra relates to the pancreas glands. A healthy flow of life force at this centre translates into a well-functioning digestive system, food tolerance, healthy sugar levels and freedom from chronic fatigue.


When the energy of this plexus is balanced, the “fire in the belly” is pleasant, it brings up well-serving thoughts. In case you harbour any bitterness, resentment or pessimism for anyone or any situation, visualize burning it, in the fire as you meditate on this chakra.

A person with a well-functioning solar centre energy uses his/her confidence to help and support others and sees brighter aspects in all situations. For such a person, there will always be a way out of seemingly difficult situations. Optimism is the hallmark of the person who nurtures this yellow-coloured chakra, representative of the vibrancy of the sun.

So, what is the best way to transform self? It is by choosing to lend your ear to positive expressions, including hearing your own self speaking cheerful thoughts? By choosing to lend your eyes to see optimistic things, quite literally, and by seeing positives in situations. By reading, hearing and seeing positive things that lift you. By eating healthy and nourishing (satvick) food.

You see, our sense organs are supplies to our brain. If you feed good, rest assured the outcome will be good.

— Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at milarao2018@gmail.com