Peace exists within you
Peace exists within you Image Credit: Shutterstock

Attuning to peace is a journey unto itself.

With reference to the last column ‘ Where does peace reside?’, know that peace is not “ out there”. You don’t have to “go out” and get it. Quite the contrary in fact. Go inside. And you can abide in it’s presence. Peace exists within; it is about tuning into that, which you already possess, that you already are.

Peace is not about ‘when everything changes, I will have peace,’ it is about ‘living’ higher principles of life, tuning to higher consciousness of the self to experience it. Peace is an experience, not a concept.

In order to have this experience, an inward journey is to be made by way of imbibing higher perspectives. The tuning happens when the mind is de-clogged and open for higher realisations. Unhelpful thoughts-beliefs block them. When advanced perspectives are integrated into the consciousness, the energy flow smoothens within the being. Higher perspectives will seem quite radical to a conditioned mind.

Here are a few examples:

• Willingness to forgive someone who caused you pain.

• Praying for the perpetrator.

• Stop blaming people, situations, circumstances .

• Seeing all situations, events, people as agents of/ pathways to higher learnings.

• Finding positive learning/s in experiences, and abiding in positive learning, letting go of the rest.

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Forgiving self is a good start to finding peace Image Credit: Supplied

• Forgiving self for causing pain to others.

• Surrendering. ( doesn’t mean victimized attitude, doesn’t mean not taking insightful actions as required. Simplified, it means acceptance, faith, letting go of control & unhealthy fixations).

• Trusting that universe is always supporting your growth.

• Trusting that the universe doesn’t abandon or leave anyone stranded, ever.

Further, can you come around these perspectives as well?

• You write your own life- milestones and learning themes. No one else writes your ‘destiny’.

• Karma is an opportunity. Karma means action. You can take action and uncreate an effect you self-created.

• Being willing to stop comparing, complaining, seeing self as victim or prisoner of destiny/karma.

• Understanding that free will is a gift and using it with responsibility to create your life as you like.

• Understanding that something that is not meant to be, that which is not for your growth, will not happen.

Why do we need to change perspectives?

When you shift to evolved perspectives and start integrating them in your energetic framework, you will see that without the struggle, without the hardships, situations that you desire or need, will start getting arranged for you. Within this flow, you will experience peace.

In the journey of tuning to peace, be open to the idea that events, people in your life are not coincidences or random, they are present because there is a certain energetic framework under which you operate and attract them. And/or, they are needed for your growth/ learning. Manifested people, events, circumstances are feedback for both the scenarios. When you shift consciousness to bigger perspectives, situations will change. When you take charge (action/ karma), painful situations will transform. Eventually then, life will flow in ease.

Sometimes, situations make their appearance first, to help you internalize higher perspectives in case you dismissed or denied them consciously or unconsciously.

For example, let’s say I take to bed due to illness, the contrasting experience between wellness enjoyed and illness experienced, will open my eyes to the miracle that body is, towards life that I previously complained about. Illness ‘opens’ my eyes to gratitude, appreciation, respect toward life, friends, things that I disregarded, took for granted. This is my learning, hidden in misery though.

If I already possessed the evolved consciousness to see what I didn’t, perhaps I would have nurtured my body and life better. Despite that if I fell ill, but chose to keep faith that the presence of illness was to teach me what I need to learn, it would elevate my awareness. Either way, I graduate in consciousness !

Hardships are not necessary for higher perspectives/ realizations to occur. Learning/s can be with relative ease when the mind is open to accepting changes.