Image Credit: Stefan Lindeque

Ahmed Sabry openly admits that at the age of 32 he was in bad physical shape. “I had a very bad lifestyle,” he says. The realisation that he needed to change came when he was struggling to climb the stairs and his weight had ballooned to 133kg. Fast forward four years and the Egyptian is now helping others achieve their weight loss goals through CrossFit training and boot camps.

In 2013, Sabry joined a CrossFit group in Cairo and quickly discovered his fitness limitations. “For the first couple of sessions, I was only working out for five or ten minutes and then sitting at the side, unable to breathe,” he says. 

Although there was a large amount of self-determination involved in Sabry’s turnaround, he remains convinced that the social support of exercising in a group played a vital role. “What makes CrossFit special is the community. Everyone supports everyone, regardless of their fitness levels.” 

In the space of a year, the Dubai resident has shed an impressive 37kg and his fitness levels have risen significantly. “My stamina improved and so did my ability to do things I had never even thought of doing, such as pulling myself up on a pull-up bar. Mentally it changed everything.”

Sabry is an investment advisor by profession but his passion for CrossFit means he is now helping others who are experiencing similar fitness issues. He started attending classes twice a week and now he practises CrossFit daily.

He started a boot camp in Arabian Ranches 2, with just one member. Now it has 30 participants called Casa Fit Squad. He also teaches classes at FitRepublik.

Sabry took his first CrossFit qualification at the end of 2015, before upgrading to a Level 2 qualified instructor the following year. Earlier in the year, he also completed a qualification to teach CrossFit weightlifting. 

His help even extends to children. “We have kids coming to the gym who are overweight,” he says. “It’s satisfying when I’m able to get them into shape and lead a healthy lifestyle.” He teaches people from a range of ages, and even has clients in their 50s.  

CrossFit has not only changed Sabry’s physical health, but also had a profound effect on his mental well-being. “Nothing is impossible,” he says. “If you look at the reality of life then health is more important than wealth. If your health falls apart, everything else also falls apart.”