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Let me congratulate you first. You are taking a life-changing decision. A careful approach is what is required to prevent weight gain. Your taste buds become more active and your appetite improves when you stop smoking, so you start enjoying your food and enhanced flavours.

There are three important things you need to consider when you quit smoking and start afresh. A regular meal plan is the first one. This should include healthy and juicy vegetables and less acidic fruits. Needless to say, don’t replace cigarettes with sweets, confectionery and chocolate. It can lead to addiction, as you have an improved sense of taste and a strong stomach.

More water in any form is encouraged. Plain water, vegetable-, fruit- and flower-infused waters are great choices. Watery vegetables should be your future companion. Cucumbers or any vegetables coming from this family will cool you down, heal your stomach and bring back vitality through natural detoxification.

Last but not least, your plan should include an exercise activity. It could be anything for 45 minutes such as swimming, badminton, tennis and walking on the beach. Remember, the greatest risk is becoming sedentary and eating lots of carbs, so exercise is  extremely important. 

Studies have shown that quitting smoking also has some impact on mood, concentration and habits, so the best way is to start with an organised plan for your meals, hydration and activity. I wish you the best of health!

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