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I feel I’m underweight for my size and would like to add a few kilos. Is there a healthy way for me to achieve this goal?
Healthy weight gain is dependent on better assimilation. Digestion and absorption hold the key to promote weight. Ayurveda suggests consuming appetisers and digestives to improve your digestive health.
Try improving your appetite by mild cleansing (such as fasting, eating soup and avoiding overeating) for a few days with the help of a holistic health practitioner. A gradual introduction of weight promoting foods could follow, preferably foods that are well cooked and based on one’s digestive fire.
Ayurveda generally advises natural food sources for promotive purposes. For example proteins like meat, fish, milk and its derivatives are weight promoting. Fruits such as mangoes, jackfruit and dry fruits are advised for weight promotion. Grains cooked with clarified butter, meats, soups, lentils and vegetable oils are promotive in nature as well. Traditional sweets and desserts can also be taken in moderate quantities (by non-diabetics) to help gain weight.
Health is the supreme foundation for one’s achievements in life and Ayurveda aims to maintain good health. Note that both health and ill health are dependent on various factors, of which food is among the most critical.
As a word of caution, weight loss can also be a sign of underlying disorders ranging from simple malnutrition to debilitating disorders. A careful evaluation with your practitioner is advisable for a safe, effective and sustainable solution.
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