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I have a stressful job — can I change anything in my diet to make me feel calmer?

Yes, and there are two aspects to it. First, though indirectly, a diet pattern can prevent further issues of deterioration of your well-being. There is an increased risk of obesity, which you already know is a gateway to many lifestyle and chronic disorders. Researchers have many times established a relationship between stress and obesity. 

Secondly, consuming high-energy foods such as simple sugary snacks and fast food in excess can create a sudden surge in glucose owing to more sluggishness and making you more difficult to effectively and creatively manage your situation. Protein-rich foods, quick bites such as biscuits and large meals at late hours are equally eating away your capacity to effectively cope with such situations.

Eating lighter foods and giving ample time to digest has been found to increase energy and concentration in at least a large amount of the population. Adequate hydration — water, fruits and vegetables have an immense effect on people’s energy levels and sense organ functions. Shift to a plan that has periodic eating habits with a good serving of watery fruits and fresh juicy veggies (such as cucumber varieties). Avoid indulging in fast food, energy drinks, biscuits, chocolates and too much coffee. If you are a woman, extra care is also warranted as statistically its more evident that obesity from stress is more with women population.

The calmness of mind is a totality of your physiological well-being along with a pleasant state of mind. Start working towards an active and pleasant exercise regime, however short it is, along with newly planned eating habits. We wish you good luck.