The UAE Champions team — From left: Mohammad Yahya (21), Head Trainer Danil Bornventure, Ali Al Ameri (17), Fares Al Shamsi (19) and the Team Coordinator Firas Al Ameri Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal

“Exercise and being fit is for everybody,” says Danil Bornventure, owner and head trainer at FittHPC. “Exercise is a key factor in maintaining and improving overall health. It’s even more important for someone with a disability as they may lead a more sedentary lifestyle. Regular exercise promotes confidence and a healthier and happier life for all.”

FittHPC holds an Abilities Fitness Programme for people of all abilities to train and introduce fitness into their everyday life. Every individual participating in the session needs to have a medical fitness check-up before training. Determination sports will be a key feature of Skydive Dubai carnival, which takes place on November 3-4 and is a part of Dubai Fitness Challenge.

Click here (PDF file) for some tips from an Abilities Fitness session on how to safely and effectively train people of determination.