She’s as much a fashion icon as she is a pop star. And we now know she wants to explore local fashion talents when she heads to the UAE for her concert on September 10 at Meydan Dubai.

In an interview with Chanel maestro Karl Lagerfeld for Harper’s Bazaar USA, Lady Gaga discussed her upcoming debut in the Middle East and what she wants to do when she’s here: “I’m very excited to go there, see my fans, give them the show of a lifetime. And, of course, I must explore the local designers and go shopping!” she told Lagerfeld.

Bearing that in mind, we enlisted the help of some of the top designers based in the country and asked them to create their own vision of what Gaga would wear on the Dubai stage. The results, we have to say, are astounding. Enjoy:


Andraya Farrag, for Bedouin —

“This look takes inspiration from the region’s traditional weaving techniques, geometric patters and a 1950s silhouette. Angular strips are woven into a lattice, creating structural shoulders on a cropped bomber. A reflective metallic body suit reveals itself through the skirt as well as the sheer organza bodice of the jacket. Painted with a contrasting monochrome colour palette and intricate details, this distinctive look would be a great addition to Lady Gaga’s wardrobe.”


Ezra Santos for Ezra Santos Fashion Design —

“My design is inspired by the architecture of Dubai with a modern burqa embellished with crystals. The garment is filled with Swarovski crystals that reflect the city lights of Dubai.”


Furne One for Amato by Furne One —

“My inspiration for this design is a touch of modern ethnic/tribal feel. Because I’ve noticed that I have not seen Lady Gaga in any tribal look or with any tribal influences. I wanted a different look for her that is more earthy, mixed with leather and suede. I’m thinking a corset top with natural raw stones mixed with matte and opal Swarovski crystals, accentuated with feathers to get that ethnic feel.”


Hatem Al Akeel for Hatem Al Akeel Femme —

“When I think of Lady Gaga, the phrase ‘Avant Garde’ has almost become a cliche as she surpassed it and gone beyond. So, yes it is edgy, but I wanted to use various references. I wanted to go back to the roots of fashion and get some inspiration from one of the masters of fashion such as Ellsa Schiaparelli, and of course the Signature Hatem Alakeel Femme high collar which has become a staple for all my women’s thobe collections. A touch of added drama, the hat, is none other than the one worn by Lady Gaga for her Fame perfume campaign — one of my favourite looks. No one knows how to rock a hat better than Lady Gaga. I love it when she gives us retro chic, her jazz music collaborations with Tony Bennett, and of course her always edgy and out-of-the-box Gaga flair.”


Lamya Gargash for House of Fatam —

“Lady Gaga is a risk-taker who celebrates fashion in the most outlandish ways combining eclectic, costume-like pieces that she carries off with great pizzazz and exclusivity. This piece with the delicate pearl detailing sculpted on the shoulder of the oversized jacket and flimsiness of the ostrich feather dress would make her look extravagant and conservative and still emphasising her passion for the flamboyant avant-garde. With a pinch of colour to bring out her femininity, the long veil resembles the face piece women in the Middle East wear to cover their faces with a very modern twist. This ensemble exudes couture but knowing Gaga we wouldn’t be surprised to see her go out for pizza in it. If it’s one thing we can learn from Gaga is that there are no rules in fashion. Make your own.”


Lamya Abedin for Queen of Spades —

“Inspiration for the gown comes from Arabian customs and heritage. The unique ensemble in the gown is the use of vintage Arabian jewellery, clothes, masks, wooden cane, in a unique Lady Gaga twist. Pair this with a gold coin customised boot, and a real falcon with a falcon blinder mask and glove for a grand Arabian salute entrance.”


Madiyah Al Sharqi for Madiyah Al Sharqi —

“The look I’ve designed for Lady Gaga is a black silk crepe gown with beaded embroidery on the sleeves and neckline. I’ve decided to opt for a monochrome subtle look because I always think Lady Gaga looks so pretty when she dresses more subdued, hence the black hair.”


Michael Cinco for Michael Cinco Couture —

“The look I’ve created is inspired by her perfume bottle Fame. It is made from metal shoulder armour in gold and white jersey. It personifies her character: unique, strong, fierce and at the same time stylish.”




Various designers for OTT —

“We chose our Over the Top OTT colour and print extravaganza for Gaga. Both pieces look great on stage and perfect to emphasise moment and dance gestures.”