Growing up, Eid was all about buying a new outfit to wear to family gatherings. To me, buying the clothes was the best part about the holiday. Just because we’ve grown up, doesn’t mean that we should stop this age-old tradition of new Eid outfits.

1. A conservative yet fashionable dress

This beautiful and of course, appropriate dark blue dress is flowing round neck with long sleeves and a draped detail with buckle at the waist. My favourite aspect about this dress is that it features an asymmetric hem. This dress works well with white sneakers, gold strappy heels or comfortable flat sandals.

- Dh649 from Zara

2. The softest jeans ever

I’m usually one who likes to wear a tough pair of jeans. I want them to feel and look real. But these Next Level Stretch jeans/jeggings look and feel like the real thing, but once you wear them, it’s like you’ve slipped on a very comfy glove. I’m wearing them right now! Tried and tested.

- Dh183.45 from American Eagle Outfitters

3. A gorgeous shoe that you can walk around in for hours

These days, the most formal dress codes are a lot more relaxed than before. Who would have thought 10 years ago that we would be wearing sneakers to lounges, clubs and even weddings sometimes! We are all about the comfort these days, and that’s what I love about Clarks. Their grace collection is perfect for when you need a smart casual solution that you can stand in all day. They combine an elegant silhouette with a laid-back mood. I particularly love the Grace Amelia Aubergine. Isn’t the heel gorgeous?

- Dh725 from Clarks

4. Arm candy

I know we all have phones that can tell us the time, not many of us need watches, but they are such a fashionable accessory and we should not let it die out. This classic design speaks the language of traditional watchmaking with a more understated style. I love a two-tone watch and this silver and rosegold piece is essentially… timeless.

- Dh475 from Swatch