Dubai: Everyone wants to settle down somewhere safe, without the constant fear of getting robbed or attacked. For wealthy people, in particular, woman safety is a major factor in their decision to move to another country or community.  They want to ensure that the place they live in will make their daughters, including their wife, feel protected.

Market research group New World Wealth, which specialises in wealth and migration of high-net-worth-individuals who own around $6 to $7 million in assets, has conducted a study to find out which countries in the world offer the best in the treatment of women.

In their view, millionaire destinations that have a good level of woman safety will outperform those who don’t ensure that women are safe from assault, slavery, trafficking and rape, among others.

“In fact, woman safety is arguably the best way to judge a country’s long-term prospects,” New World Wealth says.

Based on its ratings and interviews with women who travel extensively, including those who are aid workers and migration experts, the safest countries for women in the world are:

1. Australia

The country is known to be very efficient at cracking down on woman abuse. “Australia has a strong sense of community and most people living there have a similar value system,” says New World Wealth.

“Australia’s immigration policy is also one of the most stringent in the world, which prevents possible woman abusers from entering the country. Social services and police in Australia are also very efficient at cracking down on woman abuse.”

2. New Zealand

Like Australia, New Zealand has a great “value system” and a very efficient police force.

3. Canada

Appearing third in the list, Canada has lower crime rate and more efficient cops compared to its neighbour, the United States. “Canada [is] slightly safer for women than the US as it has a more efficient police force and less crime in urban districts than its Southern neighbour,” the report says.

4. United States

While its crime rate may be higher than Canada, United States is still considered one of the best places for woman safety, given that it’s serious in its campaign against the maltreatment of women, child and animals.

 “The media is also quick to pounce on any inaction. Many women in the US carry a firearm [which] is a major deterrent for woman abusers.”

5. Scotland

Rounding up the top five is Scotland, said to be the safest country for women in Europe.

In Africa, three countries emerged as the safest: Mauritius, Namibia and Botswana, while within Asia, Japan and Sri Lanka were considered the safest.