Mr Koladath Moosakutty Majeed of Abu Dhabi says:

I would like to draw your urgent attention regarding my Al Shamil internet connection which I changed to e-life connection. During the first week of February I have applied at Al Wahda Mall counter. The staff informed me that etisalat's technician will go to my home and install the new connection within 10 days. I waited for two weeks and nobody came. Then I called 101 and made a complaint but no use. Two weeks later I called 101 again who upgraded my complaint. On March 3, I contacted etisalat and repeated my complaint and they upgraded my complaint and said that the technician would visit and rectify the matter. Since there was no call or response from etisalat I contacted them on April 8, and repeated the story. They told me they would send the complaint with new number to the authorities with all details and no doubt a technician would visit and rectify it within a couple of days.

On April 21, I contacted the customer service section by 101 who repeated the same and finally on April 28, they promised the same. Unfortunately till this time there was no response from etisalat or their technicians.

However instead of upgrading my internet connection, etisalat is only upgrading the complaint number without any result. Now more than three months the connection is not upgraded but they sent two invoices with the new rates. In the meantime on April 19 I sent a fax to etisalat. But to date there is no response from them and I am facing the same problem.

The management of etisalat responds:

Kindly be informed that e-life service has been installed for Mr Majeed.


Mr Majeed responds: I really appreciate Gulf News for its timely action and follow ups in this matter. From February to June, I have contacted and complained the matter several times with etisalat and paid the new rate for these months. Hope etisalat will adjust these payments in the coming invoices. Now only after the interference of Gulf News did I obtain the e-life connection and unfortunately etisalat has no comments for the delay.