Why was my card blocked?

I have been a customer of RAKBANK credit card for almost 12 years and never have I defaulted when paying my bills. But a week ago, I found out that my credit card has been blocked.

I called up their customer service and was told that the bank had blocked the card because I had not updated my details. They were referring to the new company I had joined, which was different from the original one registered with the bank. I was advised to visit the branch and submit my new visa page and a certificate from my new company. I obliged and went to RAKBANK’s Umm Hurair branch in Dubai, on December 25, 2016.

I was told that the card would not be activated anymore and the bank has blocked it. There was no chance of re-activating the card. I asked them for what reason they blocked the card and the reply made me furious. They said they couldn’t give me a reason. It was the bank’s internal decision to block the card. I would just have to pay the outstanding and close it.

First, their call centre told me that I would need to update my details and it would get activated again. Then at the branch, they said it could not be activated and they could not give me a reason why. The worst part is they did not even inform me about this in advance. No warning whatsoever. They just blocked the card at their convenience. I would understand if they could have sent an email or text message stating that they will be blocking it.

I hope Gulf News can help me with this case.

From Ms Rosanna P. Garcia


The management of RAKBANK responds:

We write in reference to your email regarding the issues raise by Ms Garcia, a RAKBANK customer. We regret that Ms Garcia’s credit card was erroneously blocked on December 8, 2016. We have apologised to Ms Garcia for the inconvenience caused.

Ms Garcia responds:

I received a call on January 17, 2017 and was told that they made a mistake in blocking the card. They gave me an apology for what happened. I thank Gulf News for taking action, with this complaint.

(Process initiated: January 15, 2017. Response from organisation: January 17, 2017. Reader confirmation: January 17, 2017.)

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