The reader saw some young boys playing around one of these boxes and tossing trash in and out of the box. Image Credit: Annet Cecil Thomas

Littering is an issue that has been written about so many times and yet, people continue the practice of creating a mess. I have seen this in many areas and community reports, yet so many people don’t care about the environment they live in.

A few days ago, I noticed something very disrespectful and it was beyond all my expectations. Bee’ah, Sharjah’s waste management company, has placed cardboard and paper collection boxes in the Al Majaz area. Some young boys were playing around one of these boxes and tossing trash in and out of the box. I was extremely horrified at the scene. They even managed to pull down one of the ‘stop’ road signs located next to this box.

I was filled with shock and was completely stunned by their behaviour. I couldn’t believe the boys had the nerve to climb the boxes and jump out again. It all happened in the middle of a road, where many cars and people were passing by, but no one stopped them. People were busy with their phones, mostly.

We should all care for the country we live in and help beautify it, not destroy it. Every day, I see Municipality workers arriving to clean up the mess that people have made, and I feel very sorry for them because they have to come and clean the trash left behind by us, no matter the conditions; whether it is too hot or cold.

Why is the younger generation so careless, lazy and least bothered about other people’s pain and struggle? Respect public places and public servants, who are working all day to make the city look clean and beautiful.

I am very concerned about the environment and I hope the concerned authorities take stringent action against this behaviour. It would definitely help the hardworking cleaners and save the boxes placed by Bee’ah from being used as trash cans.

— The reader is a pupil, based in Sharjah.

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