Neetha Oommen Clean mission Recycling bins outside a petrol station in Dubai. The reader seeks bigger bins outside every building. Image Credit: Neetha Oommen


The issue I would like to highlight is recycling. I have been living in the UAE since I was born. I have seen the vast changes brought on by this country and I am proud to be living here.

I request the authorities to install recycle bins for paper, plastic and cans in front of every residential and office building in Dubai and the rest of the country. It should be compulsory for everyone to dispose their garbage this way.

I am not sure if there are factories that use this recycled garbage, however I am sure the plan either exists or is in the works. Each resident of the UAE would feel happy to be contributing to this recycling movement.

The existing recycling bins in front of petrol pumps are small and inaccessible (as seen in photograph) and the big recycling dumps are not emptied. I used to segregate my garbage and take it every week to different recycling locations. However, I found out that these dumpsters were not emptied and sometimes the trash bags were again thrown into the common garbage area. This is a simple task that every person, including children, can do. To encourage this habit, we must have bins in front of every building and this must be made mandatory.

The philosophy ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ will not take away the problems of overflowing landfills and waste management crisis. I request the municipality to please implement a practical and realistic recycling programme that each of us can be a part of.


The reader is based in Dubai.


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