“It has been 10 years since I left secondary school, but the memories are still vivid. My favourite teacher was Ms Lawrence. She used to teach English and because of her, English became my favourite subject. She used to treat everyone equally and the way she taught was brilliant. She made the subject interactive and enjoyable instead of regular boring lessons. She made me think outside the box when we used to do narrative or descriptive writing.”

Sumera Malek

Student based in Sharjah


“We had a professor in college who touched many lives, including mine — Professor Rex. He taught philosophy, ethics and a few other subjects, but the lessons I took from those thought provoking sessions had a huge impact on my understanding of myself, people, situations and life. The professor encouraged participation, never cut us short and always responsed with something to ponder upon. His perspectives helped me cope through so much, taught me to respect differences and everyone’s intelligence.”

Kainat Ahmad

Entrepreneur based in Dubai


“I miss all of my teachers from school, then college and finally university. If I had to mention one teacher, it would be Dr Zia Ul Haq who taught me at university. He was intelligent and taught us how to be professional. He helped us understand the basic ethics of life. Although he taught us hydraulics, I always remember his sayings and lessons about life. I wish the best for him.”

Fahad Liaqat

A chemical engineer based in Sharjah


“My favourite teacher from school is Ms Rohini Ramachandran. She was my class teacher and taught English. She brought out the best in me. She still teaches in Thiruvananthapuram, India, and I try and meet her every time I visit. My grammar was not good. She took it upon herself to give me special coaching. She recommended books that I could read and would follow up on my work. After a few months, my vocabulary improved.”

Leena Samuel

Test analyst based in Abu Dhabi