Where’s the money?

I have an account with Noor Bank and also a credit card with First Gulf Bank (FGB).

I recently did a quick cash transfer from my FGB account to my account in Noor Bank on March 3, 2015, and I got a message that the money has been credited to my account. But when I tried withdrawing the money, I received a message, telling me that I had no balance to do so. Also, I received a message that there was an internal transfer on my account, which I was not aware of. When I checked my bank statement, it stated that money has been returned due to account title mismatch.

I have raised complaints with Noor Bank and FGB and FGB is right, in that they have transferred the money. I received a message notifying me that the money had been credited to my account.

Now, Noor Bank is telling me that the beneficiary account name was marked ‘N/A’, and they are not ready to give me the proof. I have lost Dh6,000 and now I will end up paying FGB the money along with other charges.

Noor Bank behaved unprofessionally — they are least bothered about this complaint. They gave me a time frame of three days to get back to me, which they failed to do. I had to call them back after a week. Then too, they didn’t respond properly.

I have also registered a complaint with Central Bank’s consumer protection unit and didn’t hear back from them.

Could Gulf News please help me with this?

From Mr Firoz Babu


The management of Noor Bank responds:

Noor Bank is committed to resolving customer complaints amicably and fairly. We are always transparent with our customers. This starts with acknowledging the problem raised by the concerned individual and working towards a swift resolution.

In this case, soon after receiving Mr Babu’s complaint from Gulf News, our Service Quality Department investigated the matter.

Mr Babu’s money was not credited due to title mismatch and this was followed by Operation as per terms and conditions. Confirmation for title mismatch was sent to the customer earlier based on his request. The initiator bank concerned (FGB) has since refunded the funds to the Mr Babu’s account and he has withdrawn the complaint.

During the past one week we have been in constant touch with Mr Babu and taking the necessary action to resolve his problem. Noor Bank wishes to assure all customers of our best service and prompt response to any complaints and grievances they may have.

(Process initiation: March 20. Response from organisation: March 23. Process completion: April 11.)

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