I have requested Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) for a No Liability Certificate, which the bank has been delaying. Every day, ADIB has a new excuse or reason to delay the request. They are saying my credit card account is not closed, but I settled both my loan and credit card bills, and the money was taken from my settlement cheque as well. This is the way ADIB is putting me in a bind.

The offer from the other bank will expire if I do not submit the No Liability Certificate from ADIB. I request Gulf News to intervene and help me.

From Mr Raja Thirumal


The management of ADIB responds:

We have spoken with the customer on his No Liability Certificate issue, however there was no delay as the certificate was issued a day after it was in the system. The closure of the customer’s finance had to be completed beforehand. We have already spoken to the customer on April 5 and he was satisfied with the outcome.

(Process initiation: April 4. Response from organisation: April 19. Process completion: July 25.)

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