Courtesy: Nitin Kumar Litter on the floor of a bus shelter in Deira, Dubai. Image Credit: Nitin Kumar


A few days ago, as I was returning home from work, I came across a bus shelter in the Deira, Dubai area that was very dirty. There was garbage all over the floor of the stop, especially under the seat made for pedestrians to wait.

I just don’t understand the mentality of the people who litter in public places. What do they think it is? The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has put in a lot of effort to construct several bus stops and shelters around the emirate of Dubai, to make it convenient for the passengers who are waiting for buses. It allows us to escape the heat in the summer and other elements through the year while we wait comfortably, as most of the bus shelters have airconditioning in them. But, some people like to throw waste and litter on the ground without caring for the authorities’ efforts or fellow passengers.

I believe that the RTA and municipality should install CCTV cameras in all such bus shelters and the offenders must be caught and severely reprimanded and fined for these callous acts. The people shouldn’t take the facilities provided by the authorities for granted and help maintain the quality of service.

If you can’t use the facilities properly, don’t misuse them either. The authorities care for the residents, let us not destroy their work and make life easier for all.

— The reader is a sales coordinator based in Dubai.

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According to a Gulf News report published on March 24, littering or dumping waste in an area will result in the municipality inspectors imposing a fine of Dh500.

This also applies to public parks and even busy commercial areas around the UAE.

Additionally, eating, drinking and smoking inside RTA’s air-conditioned bus shelters is an offence that attracts a Dh100 fine when caught.