According to Gulf News reader Nazneen Khan, dirty sewage water is posing an inconvenience to residents in the old Tourist Club Area of Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Nazneen Khan/Gulf News Reader

I would like to bring to the notice of the authorities the poor condition of the drainage system in the old Tourist Club Area, in Abu Dhabi.

The clogging of the water has made the footpath slippery and as there is a bus stop located here, people are forced to cross through this area and [bear the situation]. It is a nightmare.

Every day, dirty water accumulates and remains stagnant in pools as the pipelines [do not seem to] work and no one is bothered about solving the problem.

A stink has begun to spread in this area. If we are living in unclean surroundings, our health suffers. This problem is continuing since the past two or three years.

The accumulating water has become a breeding place for mosquitoes and other insects — this is probably caused by the leaking sewage which is harmful to health.

Additionally, it is hazardous to walk through the area. When we park our cars in this location, the wheel is [partially] immersed in the dirty water and this defaces our city.

Moreover unclean surroundings are very nasty to live in. We should realise the gravity of the damage caused and take on the responsibility of keeping the environment clean.

The relevant authorities could therefore should look into the situation and take the necessary action at the earliest.

 — The reader is based in Abu Dhabi