Waiting for cancellation

I have been a customer of Noor Bank for the past five years. I had taken two credit cards from them and even had a personal loan from the bank. My sister’s wedding was planned for the end of February, so I decided to top up my personal loan.

I talked with a Noor Bank representative and he advised me to close the credit cards first, otherwise the loan amount would decrease a lot, which would work against helping me arrange funds for my sister’s wedding. Now, I am facing several issues.

I visited Noor Bank’s branch and told them that I wanted to cancel my credit card. They told me to contact the call centre so that they could take the request of cancellation. It would take three days to cancel it and I would receive a cancellation letter thereafter.

I called their hotline and told them to cancel the credit card. They accepted my request. Meanwhile, they told me that I had been misguided and the process of cancellation would take 45 days.

After registering a complaint, a Noor Bank representative called me regarding my cancellation request and told me I had an excess of Dh1,049 in my card. She advised me to spend it first, and then she would cancel the card immediately. I went shopping and bought dresses for my sister’s wedding. I spent Dh1,040 and raised a request again for the cancellation of the cards.

The same representative from Noor Bank asked me to raise the request again through a call centre, and I did so after spending the excess amount. I received a call the next day, and was told that my cards had been cancelled. I then arranged a meeting with Noor Bank’s loans department so that I could attend to my sister’s wedding preparations and spend money as I had planned.

I checked the online status of my account and observed one credit card with an outstanding amount of Dh90, so I called the representative again and inquired about it. She told me the card had been cancelled, but advised me to contact the call centre for details.

I called the customer service hotline and the representative told me that he would get back to me after an hour. I received one call from a customer service representative after an hour, and he told me that there were some easy cash plans active, and these would need to be cancelled first. He said I would have to wait till March 10 for the next statement, to ensure the card is cancelled.

I told him that my sister is planning to get married by the end of the month. Why did they not inform me about all this in the beginning, when I visited the branch, called customer service and visited their sales centres? Now, when my sister’s wedding date is clear and approaching, I am being told to wait. Should I cancel my sister’s wedding because of the misguidance or miscommunication on the part of Noor Bank’s staff, and make my whole family suffer? Isn’t it the bank’s responsibility to inform me on the same day that the card had not been cancelled? I would never have come to know about it unless I checked online.

Gulf News, please help me out regarding this matter, as my whole family will suffer because of these issues.

From Mr Yasir Asif

Abu Dhabi

The management of Noor Bank responds:

Noor Bank is committed to finding an amicable and fair solution towards any customer complaints. We are always transparent with our customers. This starts with acknowledging the problem raised by the concerned individual and working towards a swift resolution.

Soon after we received Mr Asif’s complaint from Gulf News, our Customer Experience Unit investigated this matter further.

Noor Bank immediately contacted the customer and confirmed that the Personal Finance funds were already credited to his account – removing the need to cancel his card. The customer explained that the complaint was made because there was an extended delay in his credit card cancellation, which had affected him and his family.

Noor Bank has assured Mr Asif that the feedback has been shared to the relevant unit and the accountable person. The customer has since agreed to withdraw his complaint and the matter has now been resolved.

Noor Bank wishes to assure all customers of our best service and prompt response to any complaints and grievances they may have.

(Process initiation: February 23. Response from organisation: February 28. Process completion: March 7.)

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