I have a credit card with Mashreq Bank. During a credit card spending promotion by the bank, I received two Rixos The Palm Dubai vouchers for Dh400 as dining credit. It was an open voucher without any cut-off date mentioned on it. I received this during a promotion in 2015. I used one in 2016 and kept the other voucher for use as and when convenient. When I later approached the venue as per my dining reservation, they said the voucher was invalid. Now, even Mashreq is claiming it is not valid. When I asked them why there was no cut-off date mentioned, they didn’t have an answer. Despite repeatedly approaching them, they are telling me the same thing, without providing any solution. Because of such vague information, customers are losing out on their vouchers, despite being eligible as per the promotion information.

I seek Gulf News’ intervention and assistance in resolving this with the bank as they are not responding to the matter.

From Mr Venkata Pavan Kumar Tangirla


The management of Mashreq responds:

Thank you for sharing Mr Tangirla’s concern with us.

We have reviewed the concerns raised by Mr Tangirla regarding the dining voucher issued in 2015.

Our investigation reveals that Mr Tangirla was issued two such dining vouchers in 2015 under a promotion and it has expired as it should have been redeemed within the calendar year 2015.

The terms and conditions of the offer were available on our website at the time of promotion.

Mr Tangirla had approached us with the same request in 2016 and in 2017 but has been unfortunately declined previously, except once, when we allowed him to use expired vouchers under an exceptional gesture.

We all know that all tactical promotions and reward vouchers have a validity and cannot be open ended for an infinite period, hence it is important for every customer to read the terms and conditions.

We have contacted Mr Tangirla and advised him regarding the voucher validity and also shared a copy of the T&Cs with him.

Unfortunately this voucher, which was issued in 2015 cannot be redeemed in 2018.

We take this opportunity to thank Gulf News once again for bringing this issue to our notice.

(Process initiation: March 18. Response from organisation: March 20. Process completion: March 26.)

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