The very first thing to do in an accident is to not obstruct traffic in any way. Image Credit: GN Archives

While driving carefully without distractions is extremely important, accidents can happen. When it is a minor accident or bump, you needn't wait for the police to arrive on the scene. Both or all parties involved can work amicably to report and get to the bottom of the incident. Even if there is a disagreement between parties involved or if one of the parties has fled the scene, you can file for a report through the app.

Major upgrades made to the app this year include integrating the app with the iOS smart assistant (Siri), adding a very advanced smart feature for the visually-impaired, a Dubai Police Keyboard and a corporate file property for companies, among others.

Here's what you should do in case you are involved in a minor accident:

The very first thing to do is to not obstruct traffic in any way.

All parties involved should move to the side and let other vehicles pass. The process of reporting will take just around 3 minutes on the app. 

Step 1: Install the Dubai Police app from App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: As you open the app, you will get the below screen asking you to choose a language.

Step 3: After choosing the language, you get the usual 'app notifications' pop-up which you can enable if you'd like.

Step 4: 'Report Traffic Accident' will show up in the list of services which include 'Good Conduct Certificate', 'Fine Payment' and other options.

Step 5: When you select 'Report Traffic Accident', you will be asked to switch your location settings on for the Dubai Police app. This step sends the exact location of the accident and identifies the nearest police station, which will be handling the reports for the accident.

Step 6: Click on the 'Report' option in the centre to start the process.

Step 7: You will get an option to add photos of your vehicle showing the extent of damage. The app allows the user to take up to five photos of each vehicle involved. There is also an option to add more vehicles, if the accident involves more than two vehicles.

Step 8: You will also be asked to enter number plates of both vehicles and other relevant details for the report.

Step 9: You can choose how you want the report to be sent. The police officers will check the data and issue a report after 15 minutes. Copies for each driver will be sent to their email addresses along with copies for the respective insurance companies.