Unwelcome charges

I have been using a credit card from Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) for two years. For the first time, I noticed that when I checked online banking, I had been charged a cash withdrawal fee of Dh75 for every transaction I made online. I have a registered email with ADIB, but have not received my statements through email. I have just been making payments based on the text messages I receive from the bank.

I called the bank’s call centre, but they are not ready to take my complaint.

I have been using credit cards from different banks to fund my forex account, and no bank has charged me a cash withdrawal fee for the transactions I make online.

On ADIB’s online login, I am just able to see transactions from the past 180 days. I believe that from the time I started using this card till now, approximately 30 to 40 withdrawal fees have been charged.

I would like Gulf News to take this matter to ADIB and request them to reverse all the withdrawal fees they have charged me since the beginning, on my credit card.

From Mr Mohammad Samiulla


The management of ADIB responds:

Upon receiving the complaint, the Bank’s complaints resolution unit contacted the customer and explained the valid charges to the customer. The issue stands closed. We would like to thank Gulf News for bringing this matter to our attention.

Mr Samiulla responds:

Yes, the bank has called me to inform me that they have placed the charges. Credit card users must be careful when making payments online on forex trading websites.

(Process initiation: August 14. Response from organisation: October 19. Process completion: October 19.)

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