I have been using Mashreq’s credit card for more than a year now and had never activated any kind of insurance or credit shield plan. However, when I saw my August 2016 statement, there was a component of Dh249.58, which was charged on my bill, titled “Pay Protect”.

When I called up their customer care centre on August 8, the representative told me this was because of automatic activation and apologised for the inconvenience. I asked her to cancel the Pay Protect plan and to reverse the amount, as I had not given my consent for this. She gave me a request number and informed me that I would be getting a call with regard to the cancellation of Pay Protect and would receive a reversal of the amount within two days. The Pay Protect was cancelled but they didn’t update me on the amount reversal status. I made multiple calls to them about the reversal of the amount, but every time I called them, I got the same answer: “Someone is working on the request and they will get back to you within 48 hours.”

I request Gulf News to help me get this amount reversed.

From Mr Ajith Sivadasan


The management of Mashreq responds:

Thank you for bringing the issue of Mr Sivadasan to our notice.

He had raised his concern on Pay Protect Insurance charges on his credit card. As per investigation Mr Sivadasan was enrolled for this facility on a recorded line in July 2016 after passing successful verification parameters.

Mr Sivadasan raised an inquiry with the call centre in August on the Pay Protect charges after receiving his monthly credit card bill.

He was then contacted by our Retention team who explained him that a recorded call is available with the bank and that his consent was available to enrol him for the facility.

We have spoken to Mr Sivadasan and explained him how the facility was enrolled.

As a gesture we have reversed the Pay Protect charges levied on Mr Sivadasan’s card for his August statement. He is happy with the quick and positive response to his complaint.

Thank you again in approaching us for the clarification.

Mr Sivadasan responds:

Thank you. Mashreq has reversed the charges. I also appreciate the support from Gulf News.

(Process initiation: September 4. Response from organisation: September 6. Reader confirmation: September 15.)

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