In July, when my etisalat connection went down, I raised a complaint with them. I was told to accept that Dh250 would be charged if it was the customer’s fault. I accepted. The technician came the next day and left after giving us a working connection. There was no communication on what happened or what he did. After a month, I got a bill of Dh250 for the technician’s visit.

On raising a complaint with etisalat, I was informed that I was charged for the fibre box related to my previous complaint, which I had filed for the nonworking connection. In any case, I raised a complaint that the technician had never informed me about the cost, and the power supply was part of the leased equipment of the fibre box that etisalat provides. I also requested that somebody call and explain to me how that was chargeable. The complaint was closed without my knowledge.

I raised a second complaint and that too, was closed without anyone calling me or trying to get in contact with me by any means. I fail to understand how etisalat can bill me for a piece of equipment, which is not under my control. The fibre box is etisalat’s property and is actually leased to us. In my case, this box lies in a closed box, which also houses my other switches and equipment and is therefore secured. Instead of compensating me for the days their connection did not work, I ended up paying for their technician’s visit, as he repaired the etisalat equipment and billed me.

From Mr Nitin Mirchandani


The management of etisalat responds:

Thank you for bringing Mr Mirchandani’s concerns to our attention. Our customer service team would want to apologise for the inconvenience caused to him. The etisalat technician has visited his residence and resolved the issue but did not inform him on the replacement of the power adapter. Mr Mirchandani was refunded the amount that was charged to him and is updated on the same. The case is now closed.

Mr Mirchandani responds:

The issue is resolved and amount has been refunded. I received a call from etisalat confirming the same.

(Process initiation: October 22. Response from organisation: November 10. Reader confirmation: November 29.)

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