I am using etisalat postpaid connection from August 2016 onwards. I was a du postpaid customer for last 8 years and getting very good service from them. I have switched to etisalat only because of the 32GB iPhone 7Plus Jet Black offer from its telesales agent. From August onwards I am running behind this to get my handset as per the order, unfortunately I have not received my handset yet.

I contacted the agent after multiple follow ups, they sent the wrong model (Black color) so I have not accepted the handset. I contacted etisalat City Centre Branch (Deira) as per them, the courier team has delivered the handset and closed the case, requested to contact the sales agent to track the handset. Complaint was registered with customer service 101 on February 20, 2017. They requested me to send all the details to care@etisalat.ae. I have provided all the details, however after that no one cares. I have requested call back multiple times, no response. I have visited etisalat Deira Head-office and requested to cancel my mobile plan if they cannot provide the handset. According to them if I wanted to cancel it, I have to pay Dh3,000 plus and cancellation charges as their system is not allowed to cancel it.

I have requested the customer care agent to talk to his manager to explain my case, however he was not willing to do so and said he has escalated the case, and I will get an update soon. But, no update till now. Please help me to cancel this etisalat service.

From Mr Nijimon Kariyadan Hariharan


The management of etisalat responds: Thank you for bringing Mr Hariharan’s concerns to our attention. As Mr Hariharan has requested to cancel the contract and cease his account, he will be refunded with the exit charge for the contract and rental of the device. The amount will be credited to his account and ceasation request will be completed in 7 days. The customer care team have contacted Mr Hariharan and informed him on the same. The case is closed.

Mr Hariharan responds: Thank you Gulf News for your support. I got a call from etisalat and they helped me to close the connection without any cancellation charges since the particular handset was not available with them. Gulf News is doing a great job. Once again a big thank you.

(Process initiation: March 22, 2017 Response from organisation: March 26, 2017. Reader confirmation: April 13, 2017.)

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