Unbelievable promotion

I recently received a Citi Simplicity credit card, on which, I have a limit of Dh5,000. While taking the card, I saw this advertisement:

• No Annual Membership fee — ever

• No Late fee — ever

• No Cash Advance fee — ever

• No Over limit fee — ever

Recently, I got my credit card statement, in which they charged me an over limit fee of Dh180. If they promote the card with no over limit charges, and when the customer uses the card, why charge them with over limit charges? This is not fair. I called their customer care but they said I would have to pay. Gulf News, kindly assist me.

From Mr Mohsin Mohammad Shafi


The management of Citibank responds:

We have contacted Mr Shafi. The charges levied on the statements are normal interest charges (and not over limit charges) as he has made only the minimum payment for the April statement. He was made aware of this when he contacted Citiphone. We hope this clarifies the nature of the disputed charge.

Mr Shafi responds:

I received a call from Citibank. The representative said the same thing that the previous executive told me. Interest charges were charged, but I am not satisfied with their response, because the charge was not justified. The agent said my interest rate would be 2.74 per cent of outstanding, which is Dh131.52, while my minimum amount due is Dh401. They have charged me a Dh270 hidden charge, which is not shown in my credit card statement. I won’t be using this card anymore.

Editor’s note: The follow up letter was forwarded to Citibank for further comments. However, its management said that they stand by their previous reply and have nothing more to add.

(Process initiation: May 20. Response from organisation: May 21. Process completed: May 25.)

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